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November 28, 2023


Do you listen to podcasts? I have a list of favorites I rotate through each morning while I get ready for the day – you know the routine: wash the hair, dry the hair, fluff the hair, spray the hair, swish it all around in slow motion — or pull it up in a ponytail . . . it's a Southern routine for sure. I try to listen to podcasts in the car, but I live in such a small town, my car trips only average about 8 minutes each, so that's not much time to really get into an episode. 

I have a few favorite podcasts I'd like to share with you. I won't go into the religious or political shows because I know my readers are varied, intelligent, and independent, so I'm not changing anyone's mind with my beliefs – and y'all understand where I stand on most things anyway (I'm praying for you right now, Bubba – see how I snuck that in there?), But a few of the other podcasts are great general fun  – especially one from Tennessee sisters I'll highlight in a minute. 

First of all, you knew I'd mention (for the 400th time) Andy Andrew's show, "The Professional Noticer." I've appeared on that show, so of course, I think he has magnificent guests. 

His show is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you'll get, which is why it holds my attention – sports, authors, chefs, musicians, it's all there. He also has a paid site (about the cost of a monthly hamburger), "Wisdom Harbour," where you'll find some of my contributions and other interesting material for everyone in your family. It's pretty cool, if I say so myself. 

Jon Acuff's podcast, "All it Takes is A Goal," is also a favorite. Jon is also a Samford University family like we are, and his posts only take a few minutes to listen to, which I like, and  point you in the direction of getting things done that seem to be hanging over your head. Cleaning the attic, starting a business, 


writing a book, learning to dance, taking a trip – Jon's great at boiling down what's holding you back and motivating you to get around the barriers. I also just finished reading his new book, also titled, “All it Takes is A Goal.” This show doesn't waste my time with needless chit-chat. Jon hits the point and charges you to get going. I ike that. Maybe it's why I married a guy from NJ. Jon is from Massachusetts. I see a theme here. 

Along that same line, I also like "The Lazy Genius." Kendra Adachi shares tips for "being a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't." She basically permits you not to be so Mary Poppins perfect all the live-long-day, which is news to women like me. It's comforting and mind-blowing. If you don't like my new hair style, blame Kendra. It's easier and saves time. 

The fourth podcast I want to tell you about is "Steel Magnolias," produced by sisters Laura Beth Peters and Lainie Stubblefield. These two ladies seem to read my mind, so they command a more extensive review all on their own, which I'll post tomorrow (or the next day) – stay tuned!  

Like I promised above - here it is - Steel Magnolias

What are some of your favorite podcasts? 

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