The Majorettes Are Back in Town and Other Things to Love About the South was my first collection of stories. Published by River Road Press in 2017, I thought it would only draw readers from Alabama where my newspaper column appeared. How excited I was to have it sell nation-wide and even overseas. It appears people everywhere love a good story. 

In full disclosure to my loyal readers, The Majorettes are Back in Town has an innocent "edge" to it . I never mean to offend, but my own Aunt, who curates her church library, said they couldn't accept it because it mentions a disastrous couples massage. (My masseuse was a sweet older lady and my husband's had just defected from the Swedish Bikini Team. - all true. Not my fault. That's just the way my life goes.) My own mother even said, "Leslie Anne! Only you could make a story about a church cookbook sound tawdry." I told her it was all in her mind, not my story. — you've been warned. 

"This book is full of laughs about family and Southern culture. It has sold all over the country and was named one of the best books to take to the beach." - 

Jennifer Brett from The Atlanta Journal Constitution said it was the "perfect Southern stocking stuffer."

My readers love the short story format to take with them to the beach, or tuck away to read while they are waiting for an appointment. 

Meeting readers and having really big hair makes me happy, so this was one of my favorite nights ever!

And the majorettes on the cover? They are the real-life Majorettes from Decatur High School in Decatur, Alabama back in 1962. One of them surprised me at my book signing in Birmingham, and guess what? I recognized her! She's still just as dazzling. Majorettes never lose their sparkle! 

You remind me of the good things about people. Thank you for your common sense articles. Perhaps you should think of writing a book. 

John R. , Birmingham, Alabama

I started reading your newspaper column years ago and am thrilled to find my favorites in your Majorettes book. I loaned it to my friend and she won't return it. She says she likes to read the stories over and over again. I'll have to get a new copy.

Jenna P. - online comment