Exploding Hushpuppies

Exploding Hushpuppies More Stories from Home is a collection of short stories from award-winning columnist Leslie Anne Tarabella. With over ten years of experience writing a weekly newspaper column, these delightfully entertaining stories reflect her Southern life and unique spin on a modern world with a hint of old fashioned values. —  AL.com

There's a bit of eccentricity and

craziness . . .

Bruce Collier -

 editor DeFuniak Herald 

"The Exploding Hushpuppy collection is an astutely judged blend of comedy, reminiscence, and insight. And yes, it is rather calming, the kind of calm that goes with fasting from social media, sitting on the couch and listening to Debussy - or Dolly Parton." 

Recording the audio version in Birmingham.

The hard and soft cover versions as well as ebook are available at Westbow PressAmazon and iTunes also have the Audio version. You can also order this book from TARGET.  You can also find soft and hardcover copies online at WALMART.

For retail sales in bookstores and giftshops, contact: Channel Sales at Westbow Press.

My hometown independent bookstore, Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope, will arrange for me to personalize your book and ship it to you.  Barnes and Noble stores across the country have Exploding Hushpuppies, or can order it for you.  Alabama Goods in Homewood/Birmingham area has both of my books. Thanks for requesting this book from your favorite local bookstore. 

Santa love Exploding Hushpuppies!

Santa loves Exploding Hushpuppies.

'Bout to be laughing out loud to Leslie Anne Tarabella's Exploding Hushpuppies, 'cause there's nobody funnier than a Southern girl!  - I chuckled so hard at your ice maker story!

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"This is a perfect time for Leslie Anne's second book debut - a collection of her trademark humorous stories to take our minds off coronavirus. Touching and funny. A must-read for those folks moving to the South, bless their hearts! Show them some hospitality and tuck a copy in a gift bag with a jar of homemade jam or a bag of boiled peanuts."

Rachel W.

"Laughed and cried at the same time. Leslie Anne is a wonderful writer and a superb teller of Southern Tales showing her subjects with great empathy and humor. You will love her stories!"

Chris D.