The introvert in me loves to sit alone and write stories.

The extrovert jumps out and loves to tell stories to crowds of people. 

That's why I enjoy speaking to civic and church groups, school children and anyone else who likes a good tale. 

"Leslie Anne fit her topic to our theme perfectly. Everyone loved her presentation. We laughed and some even cried with her examples of personal struggles, and we all took home valuable thoughts to help us on our journey." - Thomasville Church

"Even with pouring rain, we had a full house! Leslie Anne made our luncheon seem like a fun party. Her excitement was contagious and we gained several new members."   - Community Foundation.

My topics are varied and can be structured to fit your group's focus.  The themes that reappear in my writing are also the things I love to talk about. 

"I loved hearing you speak at Samford last week. Your message of pushing through hard times has stuck with me and I've also worn my pearls every day in your honor!" Can't wait to see your new work." - from Samford University Legacy League Luncheon

Send me a note at: la(at)leslieannetarabella(dot)com to get started.