Sure, I’d love to speak to your group

The introvert in me loves to sit alone and write stories.

The extrovert jumps out and loves to tell stories to crowds of people. 

That's why I enjoy speaking to civic and church groups, school children and anyone else who likes a good tale. 

My topics are varied and can be structured to fit your group's focus.  The themes that reappear in my writing are also the things I love to talk about. A few of my favorites include:

  • Why is everyone talking about finding their gift and what if I can't even find my glasses?
  • How to keep serving your community when it seems everyone in town is so stinking mean and angry. 
  • What will they say (after I've kicked the bucket)
  • How to raise creative children who can think for themselves
  • Why eating dinner in front of the TV is the downfall of America — raising children who can have a real conversation
  • Southern charm that does no harm — be ye kind but don't forget the lipstick
  • Finding a way to shine the light of Christ into a dark and troubled world
  • For young ladies — You are worth more than your job, husband, appearance or house - finding your identity in Christ
  • Student workshop — Why everyone should write well, even if you think you'll be the boss someday and have someone else do the writing for you. 

Send me a note at: la(at)leslieannetarabella(dot)com to get the ball rolling.