So glad you found my website! 

Born in Florala, Alabama and raised along the beautiful and humid Gulf Coast, my husband Bob and I have lived in Fairhope, Alabama for the last 24 years where we raised our two sons. Both boys are now in Birmingham, one in college and the other working and married to my perfect daughter-in-law. 

For ten years, I wrote a weekly column in local and state-wide newspapers in Alabama. I've recently given up that gig to concentrate more on . . .

1. Life  

2. Writing in different genres  

3. Speaking engagements

My stories reflect who I am and share the themes of Southern humor, family, and the general quirks and uniqueness of life. Home is where the love and stories are. 

 Joseph and Harrison - two excellent sons. 

 I strive to keep my work clean, non-offensive and kind. I think we have enough bitter angst in the world without another writer trying to stress everyone out with their political beliefs (but if you're a close friend, I'll be glad to fill your ears with my plan for global peace). 

I love real-live Christmas trees, hound dogs, singing from a hymnal in church, naughty little boys with dirty faces, pretty dishes on a table, growing flowers, traveling, Dean Martin, pearls, gravel roads, my robot lawnmower, vintage handkerchiefs, good manners and cheese.  — My doctor is not happy about one of those things. 

I've released two collections of my columns. The Majorettes are Back in Town And Other Things To Love About The South was released in November of 2017. Exploding Hushpuppies, More Stories From Home was released  in November of 2020. Readers tell me they love the escape of a clean, funny, story to distract them from the world. 

My Christmas book was released in September 2022 and completely sold out. Bringing Christmas Home is a true story for the entire family. It's a short story with the happy ending we all love. 

I have very loyal readers and I love hearing from all of you. You may email me at: — I'll try my best to answer, but sometimes messages get lost in space, eaten by the dog,  but give it a try!  

Thank you for reading. It's my joy to write for you.

Heidi H.

Leslie Anne has the ability to WRITE what we all as Southern women THINK, yet never have the chutzpah as she does to put it to print! Life in the South is never boring for sure, and she gives the reader just a taste of our quirky, wonderful world south of the Mason-Dixon. I'm already eager for more from this hilarious, yet pointed, new Southern writer. Well done! - Heidi - Blog and Book reader

Kurt Jacobson

This delightful book describes in detail the mysteries of of southern folk. In one humorous story after another I learned about southerner's love of shiny things, big poofy bows, peanuts in co-cola, family matters, what's better than a chick flick for a mom, and of course-majorettes. Each chapter is 1-3 pages making it easy to pick up for a 5-10 minute reading session. After reading The Majorettes Are Back In Town I understand my father;s side of the family who grew up in Alabama. I can't wait to see Leslie Anne's next book!


Chris D.

Leslie Anne gives us funny, heartfelt stories. Much needed smiles and chuckles during this odd time in all of our lives. I read the stories over and over, they never disappoint.