Steel Magnolias Podcast

November 29, 2023


Continuing my podcast notes from yesterday (HERE), here’s the scoop on a great podcast. Listen while you bake Christmas cookies or drive your one horse open sleigh to parties. 

I don’t have a sister, but I truly think I could plop myself down at the kitchen table with Lainie and Laura Beth and feel like we’d grown up together. Obviously, many others have felt a similar connection, because the Tennessee sisters who produce the podcast, "Steel Magnolias" now have a following that spans 6 continents. Yes! That many people are interested in life in the South!

5 years after starting a simple kitchen table conversation, the podcast is still growing.

Everyone is curious about Southerners, so Lainie Stubblefield and Laura Beth Peters share their vast knowledge of places, faces, food and products with the world. The Franklin, Tennessee based duo discuss the manners, traditions and quirks of living and loving their home. Sounds like something I’d like, right?

I kept listening to their podcast and thinking, “I can’t believe they are saying the exact same things I write about in my newspaper column.” I was sure they had read it, when in fact, we’ve just been raised the same way and value and love the same things. 

Listening to Steel Magnolias Podcast is like wearing your favorite pair of jeans while sitting in a clean house, smelling a great casserole in the oven and reading your favorite book. Ahhhh . . . comfort. 

“We’re so proud of how far the show has come and we would never have guessed some of the scenarios and opportunities the show has offered us.” said Laura Beth. Who knew a routine conversation between sisters would develop into something so wonderful? 

With 5 years of episodes, (by the way, most podcasts end after only a year or so. - proving Southerners never run out of things to say), there is a wealth of entertainment and information for you to find. It’s all just a click away. 

The Steel Magnolias Podcast is available on all podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Music. New episodes release each Tuesday.

Click HERE to read more about this Snazzy Southern Sister team and to listen to their show. 

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