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August 2, 2023


Some of you may have already seen this video from Wisdom Harbour, or a shorter clip if you are a subscriber to my newsletter (Look to the right sidebar - "Don't Miss Out"). 

It's one of my stories I wrote for Exploding Hushpuppies

Wisdom Harbour, produced by the team from New York Times best selling author, Andy Andrews, offers video content for subscribers from a variety of contributors who are chefs, musicians, writers, speakers and just all-around fascinating people. Classic audio stories are frequently added and you can always find something good to toss into conversation later in the day. 

Click to watch, then pop over to Wisdom Harbour to see more content. 

Click to play

This story was fun to record, and I've had wonderful feedback from parents and grandparents who are passing it along to parents of young children. 

*And no . . . ha-ha-ha, my son didn't have magenta hair. That was an editing issue - my real Harrison's pictures are facing the camera. Oh, how I loved that little face! - And his big grown up face now! 

Hope you are having a great summer. I'm still working away on a few new books (In the air conditioning). 

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