“Whatever’s in the fridge” Mediterranean Salmon

April 23, 2020


Before I launch into this recipe, I want to say that I am concerned about posting photos of a delicious meal when so many have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and food may be scarce. The point of sharing this recipe now is because it uses common things that may already be in your refrigerator so there’s no need to go out to the store. Also, my readers all over the USA and even in other countries have always been so loyal and kind, I promise that if you or your family are struggling to find food, please send me a message and I will help. You’ll be amazed at how resourceful I am! — kind of like a Super-Mom-Batgirl-Nancy Drew of finding a way to make things happen. My sons are both amazed and live in fear of this talent.

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon - Corelle casserole dish

I rarely use the word “hate” but I’m here to tell you . . . I hate chain letters. “Send a dishtowel to the first person on the list” or “send a poem to the top three names” OR ELSE!!!! “Eternal damnation and bad luck will haunt you the rest of your days.” They’re now called “exchanges” but I can smell “chain letter” all over the exchange.

Talk about pressure! No matter who sent them to me I always toss these aside . . . except for this time.

First of all, it arrived by email during the dull days of sheltering at home for the COVID-19 virus, and although I’ve managed to keep busy, I wasn’t really rushing around with 1,000 other things to do. Second of all, it didn’t threaten me with 40 years of bad luck. And Third of all, it was sent by a new friend I immediately liked. You know how sometimes you just “click” with someone? She’s a young mother with adorable children and she’s funny and pulled together, and I just really like her. Also, she doesn’t know me well enough for me to send her a message just yet saying, “darling friend, please stuff this chain letter where . . . chain letters go to die.” — so, I played nice and sent a recipe to the first person on the list. Now, Im awaiting 2,345 recipes to be sent my way.

Here’s the recipe I shared. It has a Mediterranean kick to it, and is super simple. It calls for fish, but I think it would be a great topping for baked chicken as well. . I’ve shown it below with some Salmon I had in the freezer.

This recipe is perfect for these STAY-AT-HOME times because it uses things you probably already have on hand and it is totally flexible and adjustable for what’s in the refrigerator or pantry.

The original recipe calls for placing the fish on parchment paper and first seasoning it with dill, ginger, salt, pepper and paprika.

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon, olives, artichokes

At the top of this post, you’ll see a photo of the time I skipped the En popillote — parchment and put it all in a casserole dish ( a cute vintage Corelle – remember those?) I covered the dish with foil to get a similar steam effect.

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon, olives, artichokes
Haha! See what I mean about adapting to what you have on hand? My kitchen twine had been taken out to the dirty garden (okay, it was me) so I used clothes pins — or “chip clips.”

After rubbing with the spices, you start opening all those jars in the back of your refrigerator . . . olives, artichokes, capers, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, etc . . .

Frozen Figs for Healthy Mediterranean Salmon, olives, artichokes

I even pulled out frozen figs I picked from my tree last year. Think . . . “Middle Eastern/Italy/Greece.” Think . . . “cleaning out the fridge!” In the casserole dish at the top, I even added chopped kale. Extra iron and vitamins! Mmmm.

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon, olives, artichokes
Much better this time. Clean new kitchen twine.

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon, olives, artichokes

You can’t imagine how good this smells. The dill and olives really give it a big, giant, bold taste.

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon, olives, artichokes

Don’t forget a sprinkle of Feta cheese if you have it.

Here’s the full recipe, and don’t be afraid to change it up. You can’t go wrong with whatever you have on hand. Also, if you don’t have parchment paper and don’t want to use the casserole dish idea, lunch-sized brown paper bags will also work. Chicken breasts are probably better suited for the casserole dish because they will need to cook longer.

Healthy Mediterranean Salmon, olives, artichokes

I’m so glad My new friend charmed me into playing along on the chain-letter recipe exchange. If I forwarded the letter on to you, it’s because I know what a sweetheart you are. If not, I’m pretty sure you’re grumpier than I about chain letters. (sad face!).

I hope all of you are surviving this stay-at-home time. Let me hear from you if you need help or have other cooking ideas to share!

  • GLENDA r GRAVLEE says:

    Thanks , this looks great and I can do the same with the things in the back of my refrigerator , Hope all is well for you and your family.

    • Thanks Glenda, we’re fine with one boy home and one working from his home in Birmingham. All those Fairhope martini olives come in handy in an emergency, don’t they? Ha! Take care of yourself.

  • SANDY HILL says:

    Thanks so much for the Mediterranean Salmon recipe Leslie Ann. I can’t wait to try it and hopefully the dealer at the Fairhope Farmer’s market will have some of his incredibly fresh salmon when it reopens.
    By the way, my last chain letter experience was in the fifth grade in the fifties when I received a little blue neck scarf.
    I was thrilled-such innocent times!

  • Leslie Ann, Angela, Rachel’s friend, from Marietta. I made the salmon tonight and it was awesome. Thank you so much for the recipe. I’ve been sent two of those recipe emails and just chose to ignore them. Glad I follow you and got an excellent recipe. Hope to see you next time you visit Rachel?

    • Hi Angela! So good to hear from you. Glad you like the recipe. It’s one of our favorites now, even when we can get out of the house to shop! Take care, and hope to see you again someday soon.

  • Girl, I “ain’t got” nothin’ but 20 jars of olives in my fridge. Or about that many it seems. Looks perfect for me. thanks.

    • Ha! I knew there were others out there like me. Olives and condiments seem to multiply at my house.

  • Gosh, I thought chain letters where a thing of the past. I never participated in any of the ones either. I alway though that by the time it came to me it would stop and I would get
    zip. Keep us up dated on the recipes, sounds interesting.

    • So far . . . nothing. But, I’m sure they’ll start flooding in soon. Take care!

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