What are you Creating?

December 29, 2023


Everything I'm reading and listening to this week before the New Year revolves around goals, dreams, plans, and passions for the next 12 months. Passionate people have always been a favorite topic of mine, and it seems they're the ones making all the big plans for the New Year. These people are captivating to know and observe. I love being near and working with people with passion, but honestly, they can sometimes be exhausting. (yes, I know, "it takes one to know one").

My husband is like that. He's passionate about the things he invents and works on. A creative force, he holds patents on things that would make most people yawn, but when described by him, sound magical. I love listening to him brainstorm ideas — up to a point, since my knowledge of technology reaches a limit, at which point I must resort to smiling and nodding. 

"That sounds amazing, dear!" I'm fully aware he feels the same way about my writing and storytelling. He encourages, listens, and comments, but after a while, when he's reached his limit, gives me a little kiss on my forehead and says, "That sounds amazing, dear!"

Even though Bob and I have different occupational passions, they both involve creativity, and working parallel in the same space is one of our favorite things to do. The end results may differ, but the feeding and nurturing of our creative processes feel similar. I'll tell you more about our shared workspace later. It's wild. And loud. 

Meeting so many of you at book signings over the past few months has given me a glimpse into your thoughts, which often lead back to your quest for creative outlets. When I hear how you also love to write — but only poetry, or murder novels, or how you love to quilt, or repair bicycles for children in need, or perfect your BBQ recipe, or like my husband, dive into the world of technology, it makes me feel connected to a larger community of creators. 

Throughout this next year, I plan to write a new series of stories on this topic — "What are you Creating?" and I hope you follow along and chime in with comments and emails – yes, I love to hear from you about how discovering and developing your creative gifts have added joy to your lives. I'll interview some fascinating folks who will inspire us to use our gifts in a way that blesses us and others.

My plans to release a new book are still chugging along. – Cross your fingers and say a prayer it stays on schedule. I'll also continue to post articles I have printed in other publications, and this new series will be a stretch of  . . . creativity. What would we do without new ideas and goals? 

What do you think?

1. Is there anything new and creative on the horizon for you in 2024? 

2. Comment below or send me a note to let me know your ideas on creativity:  la(at)leslieannetarabella.com

3. Happy New Year! 


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