Valentine love from Kiel James Patrick

February 5, 2019


Okay, so it’s kind of silly, but in a sweet sort of way. Bob and I have been married for 25 years and have an empty nest this year, so we’re sort of . . . dare I say, “happy” about it? We sadly counted 10 couples we know who have just gone through or are going through a divorce now and most have children close to the age of leaving home. It makes me hold my head and cry for them. It also makes us feel incredibly blessed to still be in love and able to tolerate each other most days.

Here we are on our honeymoon with our 90’s pleated pants and Bob with dark hair. I think we were on Chappaquiddick Island looking back towards Edgartown.

We honeymooned on Martha’s Vineyard and also returned for our 10 year anniversary, so we’ve been in love with New England for a long time. When we moved to Fairhope, AL we said it reminded us of a cross between Martha’s Vineyard and Mayberry. I’ve come to love the accessory and clothing line, Kiel James Patrick, located in Rhode Island because it has that nautical/cool New England vibe.

So, here’s what I ordered from KJP. Ready for a sugar overload? It’s a bracelet for me with nautical flags with Bob’s initials. “OOOOoohhhhh! That’s so sweet!”

Don’t roll your eyes yet, because it gets better . . . I got him a matching bracelet that has my monogram! It’s one step away from carving our names in a tree.

KJP started out as an accessories company featuring their famous anchor and rope design bracelet for both men and women. KJP has expanded to include fresh, all-American style clothing. Their handsome toddler Harry, often makes an appearance in the photos that are beautiful and have earned the couple over 1 million followers on their Instagram pages.

I just ordered these precious pearl and chinoiserie earrings. Just darling!

I absolutely love their line of dresses, which you know I’ve always whined about mentioned how hard it is to find a good dress, although I do wish they’d give an option for one with a few inches more added to the skirt length. (I just think it’s mean of me and my friends of a certain age to embarrass the younger girls with our awesome legs like that).

Sarah, Kiel, Baby Harry and dog Bennie. Just as all American as can be with the added American dream of being business owners.

I don’t have an affiliate association with KJP, I just wanted to share a great company with you. They seem like a sweet family who has fun with what they do. If you have a sweetheart, I hope you are planning a sweetie-sweet sugary Valentine’s Day! And if you are solo, I hope you have a day of remembering all those who think you are fabulous and treat yourself to something wonderful.

Check out the Kiel James Patrick web site HERE.

  • Congratulations on 25 years!

  • So cute!! Enjoy your empty nest, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it will fill up again!

  • Leslie Ann, congratulations on your big 25th year! Wow, you really seem much younger and certainly don’t look old enough to be married that long. We are celebrating double that soon! Yikes, where did the years go. Glad you enjoy returning to your honeymoon location and the memories. Once you get use to the empty nest it’s really not so bad especially when you know they come home often………..Yes, Fairhope is a good mix. I would thing something for everyone. Hope you are enjoying a great week….

    • Thanks so much Emily. I can’t believe you are nearing 50! That’s amazing. I’ve been trying to comment on your blog lately, but something is wrong with my google account and I don’t think the comments are showing up. I haven’t forgotten you and are still keeping up with your fun things. I’ll keep trying to fix the problem!

      • Thank you Leslie Anne. I am having trouble leaving comments on some blogs (not yours) and I don’t have a clue. If you hear any solutions to these problems please let me know! I don’t know what will happen when Google+ finishes up with their business. I know I will loose all followers and I’m not sure if my comments will appear in my email. That is how I respond to most comments. It makes a nice girl think with bad words!!!

        • Isn’t that the truth! I vote to leave things the way they are and stop changing all the doo-hickies and thingamajigs.

  • Cruising right behind Pam with 46 years in April (are all the talented people in Alabama?!?). I’m swooning over those chinoiserie earrings. It makes my heart feel good to know there are still some long marriages out there. Sometimes divorce is the only answer to some really bad situations. But nowadays young people enter marriage thinking it’s as disposable as a pair of Pampers.

    • Blessed are you, indeed! Glad you like the earrings. KJP has some really cute things. Congratulations on all those happy years together!

  • I have followed Sarah’s blog for several years. They do look so All-American and their Instagram accounts are perfection! I haven’t ordered any products, but I do like the merchandise. We celebrate 46 years this month!

    • You are cruising into 50! Sarah’s blog is what hooked me and when she married Kiel . . . dreamy!

  • What a sweet picture of the KJP family. I’m so happy to say we have been married 58 years, 3 wonderful children and 4 grands ages 10 through 16. Wonderfully blessed.
    Enjoy so much reading what’s going on with your family and friends. Especially things happening around your area since we have family scattered along the gulf coast.
    Valentines Day is one of my favorites because of what one can do or say to show you care and love one another.

    • Congratulations on 58 years! That’s wonderful. It goes by so fast doesn’t it? The gulf coast update today is foggy/sunny/rain coming. — the usual. Happy upcoming Valentine’s Day to you!

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