Tybee Island Vintage Beach Cottage

March 20, 2014


Do you think you can stand looking at another charming vintage beach cottage from Tybee Island?


Welcome to Mermaid Manor, which was built in the 1930’s.  It is part of the Mermaid Cottages rental properties, so yes . . . you can stay here anytime!

Tybee cottage

The photos above are from the upstairs, which was created from attic space. There is one large sleeping room which holds two double beds and has cozy little nooks under the eaves for relaxing with a book (or ipad).

The added bathroom is beautiful and large and has a long built in seat under the windows that look out into the treetops.

I love the angled door that was custom made to fit under the sloped roofline.


The downstairs main room is furnished with vintage items, collected by the owners. Old floral trays and prints decorate the whitewashed boarded walls.


The seashell wreath and colorful chandelier make the stairwell a work of art. Even with the light turned off, when the sunlight hits the prisms, sparkling lights dance along the walls.


 The curved stairway is beautifully crafted and is one more custom touch that makes this house unique.


The current occupants of the house are Kathy and Butch, who regularly live in West Virginia. They spend two months a year relaxing in Mermaid Manor. They said Tybee Island is so friendly, they feel at home here and look forward to seeing some of the same people every year.PicMonkey CollageThe lower right photo is of the back porch. I like how the old shutters were hung right on the screen to offer shade and a bit of privacy, and another cute vintage touch.


Lovely touches from the sea remind you of what awaits outside your door.


To contact Mermaid Cottages to reserve this fabulous home, click here.

Or you can call them at 912-313-0784. 

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