Black Bean Soup for Lent

February 10, 2016


Healthy Black Bean Soup - Leslie Anne Tarabella

Moon Pies are now just crumbs on our faces as Mardi Gras has come to a successful end. It’s time to straighten up and fly right, and our diets are a good place to start.


Many people give up meat for Lent, at least on Fridays. I gave up all meat, every day, except for seafood one year, and just about passed out cold Easter morning. What I did to that ham after church wasn’t pretty, so I won’t be doing that again. But if you are in need of a healthy, meat-free dish, you’ll love this black bean soup recipe.


Black Bean Soup for LentLast week, in my post about school lunches, I told you now that my son eats at home every day, I’ve been searching for nutritious recipes that will fill him up.


Black Beans for Lent - Leslie Anne Tarabella

This recipe is from The Fresh Market web site, and turned out to be a complete meal for me and a great accompaniment to a big sandwich, apple, and a slice of lemon pound cake for my son.


Black Bean Soup for Lent - Leslie Anne Tarabella

I omitted the avocado and “nutritional yeast” ( I don’t even know what that is! All I had was the non-nutritional variety – ha). It turned out fine, so I guess it was a good call.


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