Summer photos and video from Harrison

August 22, 2016


Photo of Mississippi Starry Night by Harrison Tarabella.
Oh, how I love summer! August weather is a bit miserable here, but overall, I love having the boys home with us and the more relaxed schedules. They’ve both had summer jobs and taken a few classes, and it’s been so nice spending time together before my eldest son Harrison returns to college at the end of this week to begin his junior year. He’s had lots of college friends come visit over the past few months, so I’ve been cooking, cooking, cooking!


Harrison is majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications with a film emphasis, and all the photos on this post are from him as well as this video he made about his summer.



Photo by Harrison Tarabella

And yes, they had permission from the farmer, no, they weren’t really on the edge of a tall building— it only looked like it (good camera work) and yes, he was trying out his new underwater case which worked great. The other question he always gets is, yes, the stars are real. He goes out in the middle of nowhere with complete darkness and uses a long exposure on his camera. Poof = stars the way we should see them!



Photo by Harrison TarabellaHarrison returned for one week to volunteer with his former summer job of working at a Lake Forest Ranch in Mississippi so some of these shots were taken there. Others were made in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores where he likes to hang out.



Lake Forest Ranch - photo by Harrison TarabellaHis friends you see in the video and photos attend Mississippi State University,Mississippi College, Troy University, University of South Alabama, Catawba College and Samford University.



Nighttime stars by Harrison Tarabella
You may notice, the video is full of athletes  (you’ll be able to tell which one is on his college swim team), and this is why I had to cook so much food!


A few cute girls visited us this summer as well, and they didn’t eat much at all!

Photo by Harrison Tarabella

Boys visit . . . “Y’all grab a blanket out of the laundry room, make yourself comfortable on the couch and I’ll make some sandwiches.”

Girls visit . . . “I have to buy all new sheets and towels. What do they like to eat? Where are my pickle forks?”


I think there’s a story there somewhere. Stay tuned.



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