Story Time is here!

November 21, 2023


Would you like me to read you a story? You’re never too old to hear a good tale, you know. 

My Audible version of Bringing Christmas Home is now available, and it’s the perfect thing to listen to in the car as you roll over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving. (or while you clean the kitchen afterwards).

The strange thing is, I’d rather stand in front of a crowd of people and tell them about the book than record an audible version. No one likes their own voice, and I never knew I sounded like an overly caffeinated squirrel. I was so excited, I had to go back and re-record the first chapter so I could tone down my enthusiasm, but then again, I have to do that frequently.

 Excitability is a good characteristic for cheerleaders and people in burning buildings, but my joy for life often needs a chill-pill. My mother actually gave me a little button to wear when I was a teenager that said, “prone to sudden bursts of enthusiasm.” Sigh . . .

Even though I know the story, wrote the story and checked it a million times, chapter 11 still hit me hard and I got a bit choked up. It’s a true story about my husband’s grandmother and the memory of that day still takes my breath away. It was magical.  

There are laughs and tears and a happy ending. It’s appropriate for children and only takes about an hour to listen to. 

An added inside scoop is the introductory music is played by my brother, Robert. (not my husband Robert). I called and said, “Hey, could you come up with something soft, jazzy and sort of Christmasy without being over the top Christmasy?” Within 20 minutes, he sent me a file of the perfect guitar intro. What a brother! 

Here's the link – check it out. Happy travels and thanks for listening! 

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