Is it still acceptable to give parenting advice?

April 15, 2016


justiceleagueI could have drastically changed her life for the better in five minutes, but modern, politically correct rules prevented me from interfering, so instead, I kept quiet and helplessly watched as she got the ever-living daylights beat out of her by her four-year old son.


Looking totally clueless to his actions, the mother ignored the little boy as he yanked on her arm with one hand and used the other hand to pop his fist into her back. He swung his feet into her shins and whined, “I wanna go!” He wasn’t really screaming or throwing a full-blown tantrum, and there was nothing wrong with the child, other than he was just being totally obnoxious.


The mom apologized to the cashier for how “bad” her son was, but never addressed the boy at all. The cashier hurried as fast as she could to get the dueling duo out of the store as the boy continued to hit and kick the woman whose main focus was keeping her balance.


As a former Kindergarten teacher, I possess the secret power of being able to sprinkle pixie dust over . . .  click HERE to finish the story.

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