Is it still acceptable to give parenting advice?

April 15, 2016


justiceleagueI could have drastically changed her life for the better in five minutes, but modern, politically correct rules prevented me from interfering, so instead, I kept quiet and helplessly watched as she got the ever-living daylights beat out of her by her four-year old son.


Looking totally clueless to his actions, the mother ignored the little boy as he yanked on her arm with one hand and used the other hand to pop his fist into her back. He swung his feet into her shins and whined, “I wanna go!” He wasn’t really screaming or throwing a full-blown tantrum, and there was nothing wrong with the child, other than he was just being totally obnoxious.


The mom apologized to the cashier for how “bad” her son was, but never addressed the boy at all. The cashier hurried as fast as she could to get the dueling duo out of the store as the boy continued to hit and kick the woman whose main focus was keeping her balance.


As a former Kindergarten teacher, I possess the secret power of being able to sprinkle pixie dust over . . .  click HERE to finish the story.

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  1. All too common. I worked in retail for a number of years, and I found it very effective to tell kids who were causing a commotion (running around away from the mom) that I had called the police and they would soon be picked up and taken to the police station.

    I have also been known to tell women they should go home and beat their kids. I guess I have a very low tolerance level.

    1. I’m rolling on the floor laughing so hard because I know you really did and said those things! I’d love to have seen the little darling’s faces after they looked into your eyes!

  2. My husband and I talk about this all the time, kids are so out of control these days, my grandchildren included. They can not reason like an adult but these young parents treat them like equals and expect them to understand. You’ve got to scare the _ _ _ _ out of them and get their attention! I worry about our country’s future with these spoiled brats in charge, hands out, gimme gimme, me me me! I keep praying discipline and manners will come back in style…

    1. You are so right! It’s not a bad thing to put a little fear into your children. Even God wants us to have a healthy fear of him for the same reason!

  3. Oh what good a switching would have done! You are right, he will probably be a criminal when he grows up.

    1. But why is so common now when just a generation ago parents weren’t afraid to take charge? That’s what blows my mind. It’s not really the child’s fault. He’s only doing what his mother lets him get away with.
      Thanks for the good comment Becky.

  4. You could have made a citizens arrest for parent brutality. Then maybe smiled and said “I pardon you, but I sure hope your Mom won’t when you get home”. I feel you though and have found myself in the same situation and always compliment out loud to children (so that their parents overhear me) how well they behave in certain situations. I did so after church last week.

    1. Yes, these days when you see children in public who are actually well behaved, it’s an exception to the rule.

  5. One time my husband and I observed a family with two small children under the age of six that were so well behaved in an upscale resturant that we picked up their tab. We were in another state and they were complete strangers to us. That gave us pure joy.

    1. Oh! I was hoping you were going to say it was my children! Hahahaha!!!! (Let me pick myself up). But what a nice thing you did! And at the same time, isn’t it a shame that good behavior is such a big deal now. Maybe we should all be aware of complimenting well behaved children.

  6. I always say if your four-year old is telling you no when you tell him to do something — or hitting you — he will be kicking your a$# by the time he is 16. (Figuratively speaking and sadly for some realistically speaking).

  7. Approximately 25 years ago, my husband worked with a gentlemen who had an unruly, disobedient and, apparently, truly troubled fourth grader. The parents were called in for the dreaded parent/teacher conference where the well seasoned educator began trying to gently explain that unless they (as in the parent and teacher) could band together and correct some of the behavior, things were only going to go downhill. The parents began muttering “well how dare she” and “i never” and “my child would never”. The conversation escalated and the exasperated teacher finally blurted out that if they did not take this child in hand, he would surely wind up in the penitentiary before his 21st birthday.

    Sadly, this woman was prescient in her observations and indeed, he did wind up behind bars and I believe he is still there. His father shared with my husband that he greatly owed that teacher an apology and wished he had taken her advice.

    1. Wow. That’s a powerful testament to the insight teachers have. Why is it that some parents are blind to what is going on right in front of their faces in their own houses? Very disturbing yet strong story. Thanks so much for the comment.

  8. Just yesterday I observed a little girl sitting in the shopping cart her mother was pushing in Home Depot just WHINING at her mother. The child must have been about 4. I glared at the little brat and she stopped whining!!! Lol She looked scared and I was glad! I’ve raised my children and they didn’t pull that nonsense with me or I would have jerked a knot in them (a great Southernism) and marched them to the car! I resent having to listen to a kid pester their parent while I’m trying to focus on finding a renovation solution at a home improvement store! Make the kid behave!

    1. And somehow people don’t know how to give “the look” anymore! Thanks for the comment!

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