November 8, 2017


Wow, what an amazing night! I told you I’d share photos with you of my book launch party for The Majorettes are Back in Town, so here we go . . .

Here’s what the display table looked like before the event with my friend Dave being his happy self. There were books stacked all around the other side of the table as well.  And after the party . . .


Leslie Anne Tarabella Picked clean. There were more cases of books in the back room that also came out and were sold. Gone with the wind, baby!


Leslie Anne Tarabella

When I arrived early and saw all the chairs they had set up, I panicked and thought, “Oh please, dear God,  just let me have 10 people here!” Stephanie, from Page and Palette, counted 88 inside the room, then said she turned around and there were 20 or so more in the bookstore mingling around buying the book!


Leslie Anne Tarabella

My dear friend, Ron Meszaros introduced me and what a great storyteller he is! He had the crowd captivated and I think they wanted to hear more from him! This is Stephanie from Page and Palette beside Ron. She does a great job organizing all the author events. The bar area (yes, our bookstore has a bar— perhaps that accounts for the high sales!) made a special Mango Majorette Margarita just for the event!


Leslie Anne Tarabella

Then, I got to speak for a few minutes. I kept thinking to myself, “this is so much fun — No, wait! I’m going to pass out!” Seeing familiar faces calmed me, and seeing people I’d never met before was thrilling, knowing they have been reading my column and came out just to see me and get a book! A wonderful, sweet couple said they live in Minnesota part-time and read my column on-line there. You just never know who is reading!


Leslie Anne Tarabella

Then I signed books (with my charming Joseph helping), and signed and signed. Someone said, “You have a long name! I’ll bet your hand hurts.” I thought, well, as a matter of fact it does hurt, but at the same time, it felt great! I would have gladly signed books until my hand fell off!

Leslie Anne Tarabella

What a humbling, joyful, moving-me-to-tears experience to have such loyal and kind readers.


My writer’s group friends were there to support me, and here is Jule, who was one of the people who were calming for me to see in the crowd! The snacks were little cups of black-eyed peas, cornbread, biscuits, pound cake and pimento cheese. Baldwin County peanuts were on the tables in little Mason jars — with bows tied on them, so they’d be classy! The flowers were sent to me by my Aunt Beth and Uncle Phil in Birmingham and looked great on the table. How nice!


Leslie Anne Tarabella

More books are being rushed over by my publisher this morning from New Orleans, so I’ll be all set and ready to go again soon. I’m working on appearances in Mobile, Birmingham and Huntsville and will let you know the dates and times as soon as I find out the details. I’ll be at The Junior League of Mobile’s Christmas Jubilee at the Mobile Convention Center this Saturday from 2-4pm, so you can come see me there if you’re in Mobile! A HUGE thank you to all who have supported me and bought books so far. This is so fun to see God’s plan unfold like this. Kind readers and good friends make for a great day, and I had a super-great day! Thank you!!!


  • Oh, gracious! That is fabulous news, Leslie Anne! I’m so glad to hear the party was a hit and a good time was had by all. And, selling out…WHAT!? You’re just the bees’ knees!

  • So happy for you, sweet Leslie! God has given you a gift and you are using it to bring happiness and joy to so many! Looking forward to reading your book! Blessings for this new day and for many more days! Congratulations!

    • Thank you so much Julia! You’ve been a great supporter and encourager, and I deeply appreciate it!

  • Kenneth Holley says:


  • Savan Wilson says:

    Had to miss it! But won’t miss out on buying the book as soon as they restock! Hope to also see you at the Film Festival! Congratulations!!!

    • Thanks Savan. I’ll be at the Film Festival for sure. Picked up my tickets Wed. afternoon. Hope you like the book!

  • Ellen Shook says:

    I thought about you all evening, and knew you were in your glory! Wish I could have been there, but I will get a copy of the book as soon as possible. So happy for you!

    • Oh thank you Ellen! I’ll be in your neck of the woods soon and hope to see you there!

  • Maria Rosso says:

    Sorry I was out of town for the big day, And what a BIG day it was. Congratulations on your success. Maria

    • Yes, it was big! Big fun in a small town. Sorry you missed it, and hope to see you soon!

  • NEVER a doubt in my mind that they wouldn’t sell out!! I am just proud to say I was part of history last evening. I SO enjoyed it. You knocked it out of the park LA!!! So happy for you. Congrats!!!!

    • What a dear you were to be there. Always a friend with a positive outlook and the smile of a movie star, you are a good one to have on my side!

  • Salli Beasley says:

    So excited for you! I have been following along for a couple of years now. We live in Marietta, but are building a home in Fairhope. I am excited to get there & I will track you down…we would be great friends!! ? I will miss you when you are in Marietta, but I will be back in Fairhope soon & will get my copy.
    Love your outlook on life, thanks for keeping us smiling!

    • Oh, too bad you won’t be there for the Marietta signing at The Book Exchange, but hope to meet you in Fairhope someday soon!

  • Connie Bishop says:

    Wonderful! So happy for you. My daughter who works for Book A Million was meeting with her buyer today in Montgomery and she will mention your book to her. Maybe they’ll get it in stock for Christmas sales . You’re on the way!

    • Woo hoo! Thank your daughter for me. Word of mouth and help from friends is the best marketing tool around!

  • I am all teared up Leslie Anne! I am so happy for you!!! You look amazing in your majorette t shirt and pearls!! Congrats, congrats, the world is now officially a better place with your book in it!

    • Thanks Jenna. I’ve been on the verge of a happy-crying jag now for 48 hours! It’s all so amazing. Thanks for noticing the pearls. Crying or not, a girl has to look good, right?

  • Congratulations Leslie Anne, can’t wait for your appearance here or Birmingham. Looks like last night was a huge success………..

  • Patti Shealy says:

    You’re a hit! So happy for you.

    • You were so sweet to be there last night and to jump in and help with peanuts!!

    • They gave me special instructions and I signed them right at the end of the night.

      • Came in the mail yesterday! Let the memories and smiling begin!

        • I’m so glad you received your books! Page and Palette is so good about shipping things to customers far and wide. Thank you so much for purchasing copies and I hope you enjoy them!

          • Part one DONE! By the by… I did get my Nanny’s pearls! 2. My two best friends and I made our senior year homecoming, “the best homecoming ever!” And did not get expelled, just an intercom message during senior English for the whole school to hear… “we know students, that this is a big and exciting week. But, let’s make sure we don’t do anything that would be mean spirited” How is spray painting on the front lawn of the opposing school (that will be mowed down anyway or they could have painted over it with green paint) with the previous years winning score, not considered fun. 3. I win the prize for frizzy, curly hair. If you need a recommendation on “products” just let me know. One more, if you please… 4. Words… I asked a yankee coworker about her “dish” she brought to a holiday luncheon. I wanted the recipe of course, she replied I can’t remember where I bought the dish. Geez Louise. Thanks for the memories and smiles. Now onto Part 2.

          • Oh Lori! I love it all. I think you and I would have been close mischievous frizzy-haired, pearl-wearing friends! It’s never too late, I say. So happy you like the book and are having a good time reading it! — and “dish.” I never thought of that one. I’ll have to make a note and use that sometime!

          • Part Two, woowhoo! Mandatory reading for all my son-in-laws, since I have three girls is Cornbread with a side of Love.. way to go! “Don’t you ever speak to my wife that way again!”. Also, you would love / hate our bedroom clock that you can adjust the view to your ceiling. You can wake and not even have to turn over to see what time it is and then watch the minutes just tick on by. Lordy, I know your son’s will find that perfect soul mate. You might not get to organize the wedding, but you will have the most fabulous video of them at the rehearsal dinner. Where of course there will be cheese straws. Wait, Food I am getting ahead of myself. That is part four!

          • You are my twin. thanks so much for getting the book and loving it!

          • Part three – I know you wish I would just go away. Bless your heart, but, I am here to stay all the way through till the end! I don’t own a pair of white shoes, so there is no way I can break the white shoe rule. But, I did ask a fellow blogger if white jeans or my white jean jacket are allowed after Labor Day…. She said absolutely yes and gave examples of how to wear them. She is a millennial, so I have held off on wearing them. But, man did she look cute with grey boots, white jeans and grey camo patterned short jacket. She might have had on pearls too. I am with you girlfriend, please make the bulky back dress zippers be covered! I can’t get used to that one. Strapless wedding gowns, I do declare! When a bride does the armpit yank, I cringe overtime. The first time one of our supper club friends had a near and dear family member pass, I called everyone and said we have to take FOOD! One lady, sweet as she can be, said no, I think we should send flowers. I said that too, but, we ARE taking food. Afterwards, my sweet friend thanked me and said she never realized how wonderful the simple act of dropping of food, hugging and leaving could be.

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