Rick Bragg and . . . (BIG news!)

September 8, 2015


9780848746391I’m so happy to know Page and Palette Bookstore is bringing Pulitzer Prize winning author and local favorite, Rick Bragg to The Venue as he presents his new book, “My Southern Journey.”

Rick-Bragg-2Appearing Wednesday evening at 6pm on September 16th, your $40 ticket will include hors d’oeuvres and a signed, hard-back copy of the book! A cash bar will also be available.


Here I am with Rick when he spoke in Fairhope last year. Reading his books are totally engaging, but hearing him speak is a treat everyone needs to encounter at least once in their life. He’s an amazingly talented speaker, cracking jokes one minute and bringing you to tears the next. Well . . . just like his books.


And in other huge, huge, HUGE news . . .



Jan Karon is coming to Fairhope!

The wildly popular Mitford series has sold millions of copies and is loved by people around the world. Jan Karon will be speaking through Page and Palette (what would we do without them?) at the Christian Life Center of Fairhope United Methodist Church on Tuesday, September 20th. I’ll get more details to you later, but for now you can look HERE for specifics.

IMG_0638-640x426This event will benefit a cause dear to my heart, Shepherd’s Place, which you may remember, I’ve written about before (HERE).

Vintage 1950s woman talking on the telephone_thumb[3]Hello? Myrtle Jean, sit down! It’s big, BIG news!

And if this news wasn’t exciting enough on it’s own . . . I’ve been asked to moderate the discussion with Jan Karon! Really and truly! I’m so terribly excited and can’t wait to meet this talented author. I’m not totally certain at this point, but I think we’ll probably take questions from the audience, so if you have something you’ve been dying to ask her, send me your questions! Better yet, come on down to Fairhope and ask her yourself. It’s going to be so much fun and I’ve got to decide what in the world to wear. Big decisions!



We’re a town who loves to read, and other upcoming events from the amazing Page and Palette are listed below. Click on the link to find more information and all the good details.



Sept. 8th – Hester Young 


9780062269676Sept. 8th – Robin Preiss Glasser – Fancy Nancy Books!

Garth Stein FairhopeSept. 15th – Garth Stein

9781611174854Sept. 29th – John Sledge

Are you familiar with any of these authors? What are you reading now?

Have you read The Mitford books? What should I wear? Should I get my hair cut the day before Jan Karon gets here? Have you had Esther’s Orange Marmalade Cake? AAgghh! So exciting I can’t stand it!


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  1. You Lucky Ducks!! And especially you Leslie Anne, meeting Jan Karon!! What a great honor. I always turn to the last page of Southern Living to read Rick Bragg’s column. Our library had Mary Kay Andrews speak several years ago and I enjoyed meeting her. I like the quote in the movie, A Walk in the Woods, Bryson( Robt Redford) tells Katz( Nick Nolte), Books are like Television for smart people!!lol

  2. Yes, TOTALLY jealous of all the wonderful authors you get to meet. (And I am jealous of Arlene meeting MKA too!) Rick Bragg writes with SUCH heart and personality. And of course, your moderating the JK event is like over the top!! Have fun fun fun! Thank you for shout out on the cake. The one I made on Friday was totally gone by Sunday afternoon…not even 1 crumb left!

  3. How fun is that?! I love both of these authors and am tickled pink that you’ll be the moderator for Jan. Wish I could be there!

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations. Big happenings in Fairhope

    I so enjoy Jan Karon and have read her books. My daughter works for Books a Million in Birmingham so that is a big plus for me!

  5. Yes, I have made the Orange Marmalade cake. We seemed to take turns making it so we didn’t wind up with two at the same event.

  6. Congratulations, Leslie Anne! What an honor for you to moderate the conversation with Jan Karon! And how fortunate are the fine folks of Fairhope to have a gem of a bookstore which continues to bring such fabulous programs to town. I love Amazon but they have never brought me the opportunity to meet my favorite authors over hors d’oeuvres and wine!

    1. That’s a great point. It’s like the preacher who said the TV evangelists will take your money, but who will visit you in the hospital when you’re sick? The local, personal touch wins every time!

      Can I get a hallelujah for the local bookstores?

      Mmmm Hmmm, sister!

  7. Congrats on being the moderator for Jan Karon’s appearance. Years ago, my daughter and I waited at costco for 2 hours for Jan Karon to show up. When she did, post it notes were passed out with her signature and they were stamped!! The Art of Racing in the Rain is one of my favorite books of all time. The Mister bought a ton of them and gave them out to his employees. Can’t wait to hear what he’s like!

    1. That’s interesting about the autographs. I’ve been to many signings and they all do it a bit different. Sometimes the sticky notes are passed out for you to write down what you want the autograph to say so the author can quickly copy it and get the spelling right. But to have it pre-stamped is strange.

      I know Rick Bragg always sits and talks to people while he signs, so it takes forever, but no one minds at all. Jan Karon’s books will be signed, but maybe ahead of time.

  8. What a fun and exciting life you lead, my friend. And, I love seeing you so giddy with excitement about meeting these people!
    Enjoyed seeing you and all your turquoise (and your smile) yesterday! I forgot to ask you about your skinned knee…It’s probably on a blog post I missed.

    1. Ha! You’re so observant. I have skinned knees 80% of the time, so I forget about them. This time, I actually turned to look at a cute dog in an electric car, twisted my ankle (it turned purple for a few days) and landed on my other knee. Oh . . . and it was my birthday!

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