Report from Birmingham

October 14, 2021


You know how it's good to be with good people and have a good time? It's actually a rare thing these days, but that's exactly what happened on my trip to Birmingham, AL last week. 

The Samford University Legacy League held their annual luncheon to celebrate and acknowledge their work with scholarship recipients and I was thrilled to be their speaker. 

The room at the Vestavia Country Club was bursting with color — to match the cover of my book (be still my heart, these ladies know me so well!) and it was a full house of 270 people with a waiting list! 

The committee did an outstanding job organizing the event in the face of lingering COVID regulations and everyone was safely distanced and felt safe . . . and there was an exciting buzz in the room as we could FINALLY enjoy being together with other people! 

How do you speak to a group who has been cooped up for two years and have watched the world seemingly spin out of control? I couldn't stand there and pretend everything was all pretty and polished. My own heart has been heavy lately, and I had a feeling others were thinking the same thing. 

I decided to speak to the fact that God wants us to keep up the good fight and continue to bring light into the world  . . . much like what the Legacy League is doing with their scholarship program. 

I was moved to tears when days after the program, I received a text and a few emails telling me this message of "pushing through" is just what many of the attendees needed to hear. These wonderful people have been hurting for one reason or the other, and sometimes it just takes hearing the words aloud to make us really think. 

With Jan Cobb - an instant friend I could have talked with all day. She did a fabulous job introducing me.

One thing I shared was something I rarely mention, but I've suffered with a painful autoimmune disease for years. I finally decided, "Either I'm going to be in pain sitting home, or be in pain out living my life." That pain can be physical for some people, but for others, it's an inward hurt. 

I'm glad I shared that message, because it's exactly what some of them mentioned. We have to be DISCIPLINED to get out in the world and shine the light into darkness. Even when we don't feel like it. 

The Legacy League is shining the light into the lives of greatly deserving students. We'll all reap the benefits someday when these students go into the world and become "shiners of light" themselves! 

Priester's Pecans

On the way home, I popped into two of my favorite stores - (Not just because they sell BOTH of my books) - Priester's Pecans in Fort Depost, AL(left) — look how my book matches their Lily Pulitzer display! Love it!

And on the right - at Alabama Goods in beautiful Homewood, AL. I love this store so much, filled with creative things from all over the state. You'll feel like part of the Alabama family when you shop here! I picked up  Christmas gifts from both stops!

Alabama Goods

It's always good to be in Birmingham, and I l was blessed to spend time with this incredible group of people at Samford University

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