Puttin’ on the Gritz — construction style

April 19, 2017


It’s always fun to plan a lively Southern soirée, but this year, the team at the Eastern Shore Art Center is literally throwing a wrench in the plans for their traditional Southern themed, “Puttin’ on the Gritz.” But don’t worry, it’s the good kind of wrench — and hammer — and nails — and such.

Here’s a photo of a previous event, but this year, instead of seersucker, moonlight and magnolias, guests will be given a dose of heavy metal — don’t worry, it’s the kind used for construction. Get it? Heavy metal? See what I did there?


Construction? Yes. As in, “new addition to the Art Center!” I know! How exciting is that? (very). A much needed addition will enlarge, update and enhance the building that has brought so much joy and beauty to our community. Not only does the ESAC offer classes, free rotating galleries and a fun party every first Friday of the month, but donations also support the community outreach programs to the elderly, veterans, and special needs children in our area.


Nancy Raia and Adrienne Clow along with Hannah Lyle in the previous photos, are gearing up along with the dedicated committee, to throw an incredible party, with all funds going to the ESAC.  Tickets are only $50 each and include a delicious variety of food truck options (not your typical tuna fish on white bread from the foreman’s lunch box).


We’ll all be jammin’ to the sounds of the amazingly popular Ground Level Fall. And did I mention the party this year is an outdoor block party? Well, with all this amazingly gorgeous weather, we’re sure to be having a glorious time!

On top of all the fun, food and music, there will also be a fabulous upscale – resale area where you can find the finest of items to purchase and take home that very night! Designer items, artwork, sparkly bobbles . . . that’s what we do in Fairhope, we share our treasures with one another, in a tag-sale sort of way. La-dee-dah-dee-dah.


Does this truck say, “smoked taco?” Oh, now that sounds fun!  The “under construction” party is coming up soon — Thursday, April 27th, so get your tickets ASAP! 

See? I already have my tickets, along with a little Pinot Grigio. (It’s after 5pm. Give me a break, I’m working late).


For more information on “Puttin’ on the Gritz” or to purchase tickets (so you’ll be with all the cool kids), click HERE.


And one last dose of community guilt, for those of you who live here . . . 

The ESAC offers so many FREE things, isn’t purchasing a little ticket to a party a nice way to help them out? I thought so too! See you at Puttin’ on the Gritz 2017!


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