Putnam County Spelling Bee

October 26, 2017


Robin Ann Paige had her hands full these past few months as she took on the huge job of directing The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for Theatre 98. Wow! What a show she has given us. Along with the Musical Director, Rick Raymond, and the hard work of those on stage as well as those behind the scenes, this has been one of my favorite productions from Theatre 98, which is funny, because their previous show, Becky’s New Car was also a favorite. Two in a row!

All Photos by Wells Wilson

Anytime you have kids in a show, you know its going to be fun but when you have adults playing the role of goofy teenagers, it always turns out to be hilarious.

It was the kind of evening where my cheeks started to hurt because I was smiling so much. What else in the world can make you do that these days? — puppies. But alas, I have no room full of puppies, so Theatre 98 will have to do.


The musical talent was excellent, once again making me scratch my head at how our small town comes up with so many gifted people. the seating in the theatre is in a “U” shape, and although every seat is super close to the stage area, there was one small corner that was blocked for me, and I started to think, this music sound-track is awesome, but then I caught a glimpse of the pianist who was accompanying the entire production live! Terry Raymond is listed in the program as the amazing musician who holds the electrifying performances together.


Each performer in this show could have been considered the star. They all had their own qualities that kept us all laughing and on the edge of our seats.


Although I loved all the actors, I have to say my favorite was Kat Hewitt who played Rona Lisa Peretti. What a fabulous combination of talent, wit and cuteness! She alone is reason to go back and watch the show a second time!


To these dates listed on this poster, add November 3rd and 4th!

If you are in our area, you must-must-must go see this fabulous musical at Theatre 98. It has been so popular, they’ve added an extra weekend of performances (Nov. 3&4). There are a few seats left for each show, so call now and I promise you, you’ll love it!

Click HERE for Theatre 98‘s web site and all the details.


  • Rona Lisa Peretti – Kathleen Hewitt . . . AMAZING!!!
  • Vice Principal Douglas Panch – Bob McDonald. . . SO PERFECT AS THIS CHARACTER!!
  • Olive Ostrovsky – Ashley Campbell – WOW, WHAT A VOICE! MADE ME GET TEARS IN MY EYES!
  • William Morris Barflee – Jeff Lovingood – STOLE THE SHOW- NEEDS TO BE ON TV COMMERCIALS!!
  • Logainne “Schwarzy” SchwarzandGrubenierre – Millie Ollinger- ADORABLE AND DIDN’T MISS A LINE!
  • Leaf Coneybear – A. J. Tompkins – POWERFUL AND PURPOSEFUL PERFORMANCE!
  • Charlito “Chip” Tolentino – Nicklaus Smith – HILARIOUS AND ELECTRIFYING ON STAGE!

Call and reserve your tickets now. You’ll be so happy you did!

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