Politics and the emergency room

November 4, 2016


*This is a different version of my blog post I shared with you earlier in the week that will appear in AL.com newspapers this coming Sunday. It gives a little more information from a different sort of view, but still ends with a grateful and healed heart.




Apparently, when you go to the emergency room and mention “pain” and “heart” together, they’ll invite you to stay for a while. That’s what happened to me this past Tuesday, on a day not unlike the days many of you are having.



It started with a stressful morning news show, that I don’t know why I even bother to watch anymore, because their slanted personal opinions on the election override any real news they should be reporting. Then, on my computer, I read political rants from friends, and while I agreed with most of them, the subject itself frustrated me like a pageant girl who’d lost both her baton and hot rollers on the same day.



I was also focused on one of my sons who was preparing to leave on a complicated journey (which I hope to tell you about later), and then to top it all off, I received an email from a woman I barely know, who without invitation nor encouragement, has appointed herself my personal Grammar Nazi and feels compelled to send me unsolicited reviews of my writing. Not in a sugar-coated charming Southern way, but just a bold list. No salutation, or “how ya doin’?” No, “hey, I really liked this, but . . .” I finally had enough of it and . . . click HERE to continue reading the story at AL.com


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