Pin-Ups for Vets

September 26, 2022


I’ve always said, “There’s power in a good dress" and Pin-Ups for Vets supports just that — power.

I believe women are created to be feminine — among a whole lot of other things, yet we also have a side that is fiercely strong. Objectification and stereotyping are never a good thing, but this is a project I absolutely love and wanted to share it with you. 

 “Pin-Ups for Vets”  was founded by Gina Elise, the granddaughter of a WWII Veteran. After hearing of underfunded Veteran hospitals that were lacking equipment, she wanted to find a way to  help.

Gina explained, “I loved the romance of the era my grandfather lived in as a soldier in the 1940’s and drew inspiration from those days. She launched the calendar idea and now has an accompanying store where people can purchase other items in addition to the calendar. 

Actual veterans from all branches of service are used as models to recreate the nostalgic scenes. The clothing and scenery are as fascinating as the story of each model. 

One United States Marine Veteran model explained, “Pin-Ups for Vets made me feel beautiful and empowered in a completely different way. People see female veterans and know we’re strong, but this reminds them of our versatility.” 

Tasteful, classic and beautiful, the scenes on the calendar take people back to simpler times. No matter what the age of the veteran, they all appreciate a bit of tranquility.

“In uniform, we’re in a masculine world, but this is the complete opposite. It celebrates our feminine side” said an Air Force vet. 

Another model explained, “It shows that no matter where or who you are, you can make an impact.” 

So far, over $100,000 of essential medical equipment has been donated to veterans by this project and the team has visited hospitals in all 50 states.Care packages are sent to those deployed as well as vets state-side. 

I absolutely love it when people use creativity to solve problems. Gina's calendar project is helping our veterans, and that's a wonderful thing.  Click here to see the web site and store. Go USA!

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