The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach guidebook is ready!

April 3, 2017


Well, I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! 

I mentioned a few months ago (HERE) that I was chosen to write this year’s Gulf Shores and Orange Beach 2017 Official Vacation Guide. It was an interesting project about the place I love, and even though I’ve lived in this area my entire life (except when I was first married and land-locked in Georgia with no beach in site and therefore broke out in heebie-jeebies), I discovered new and amazing things about the beach in my own backyard.

Look at this quote, “Think like the locals, “The Gulf of Mexico is good for what ails you.” Well, I heard that my entire life from my Dad, so I have to give him credit for that line. Salt water was the big cure-all in my family. Sad? Tired? Bug bites? Bad sinuses? Headache? Go jump around in the surf for a while, and you’ll feel brand new!

It was definitely the most involved writing job I’ve ever had and I was thrilled to work with Compass Media, who oversaw the entire project.  Laura McGill was my contact person, and she was so knowledgable,  yet made me feel at ease and allowed me to be myself (a little bit quirky). 

From a practical, writer’s point of view, you can only gush about your home turf so much, using so many words. I mean, how many ways can I think of to say, “beautiful beach?” “Lovely.” “Spectacular.” “Amazing.” “Glistening.” You see what a hard job it is being a serious grown-up writer. Oh, the angst. 

The guide is gorgeous and just over 100 pages long. 

Even the advertisements are fun. I mean, here’s a tiger in snorkel gear. How cute is that?

Come on down and visit our lovely, beautiful, shimmering, romantic, lively, fun beaches. - Whew! That's all I've got left! 

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