The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach guidebook is ready!

April 3, 2017


Does the Pulitzer Prize have a category for travel magazine writing? If so, you may want to go ahead and get my autograph now ; ) yuk-yuk-yuk.

I mentioned a few months ago (HERE) that I was chosen to write this year’s Gulf Shores and Orange Beach 2017 Official Vacation Guide. It was so fun to write about the place I love, and even though I’ve lived in this area my entire life (except when I was first married and land-locked in Georgia with no beach in site and therefore broke out in heebie-jeebies), I discovered new and amazing things about the beach in my own backyard.



Look at this quote above, “Think like the locals, “The Gulf of Mexico is good for what ails you.” Well, I heard that my entire life from my Dad. Salt water was the big cure-all in my family. Sad? Tired? Bug bites? Bad sinuses? Go jump around in the surf for a while, and you’ll feel brand new!



It was definitely the most interesting writing job I’ve ever had and I was thrilled to work with these people. Compass Media, who oversaw the entire project was professional, fun and full of great ideas. Laura McGill was my contact person, and she was so knowledgable,  yet made me feel totally at ease and allowed me to be myself (a little bit weird). We’ve actually become friends, which in the South, isn’t such a big deal, but we admire the writer-quirky-highly-intelligent part of each other (just a guess) haha!


From a practical, writer’s point of view, you can only gush about your home turf so much, using so many words. I mean, how many ways can I think of to say, “beautiful beach?” “Lovely.” “Spectacular.” “Amazing.” “Glistening.” You see what a hard job it is being a serious grown-up writer. I’m certain it would be easier to be a brain surgeon. If only the pay reflected that.


The guide is gorgeous, is just over 100 pages long, and even includes maps. I love maps! It’s my favorite book of the Bible – “Maps.”


Even the advertisements are fun. I mean, here’s a tiger in snorkel gear. How cute is that?


And if you turn to the back of the guide, and get out your magnifying glass, you will see my name listed under, “content,” And my high school teachers thought I’d never amount to anything! Ha! and double HA-HA!


This is truly a gorgeous guide to our beautiful corner of the world. And the good news is, because you know me, it’s FREE – just for you! (okay, it’s free to everyone, but your’s comes with a hug). You can either download a virtual copy to peruse at your convenience on-line, or fill out a little form, and they’ll mail a real copy straight to your mailbox. It’s coffee-table worthy, so I hope you all get one! Click HERE for details on both options.

Happy vacation days to you!


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  1. I know it is wonderful. The statement, “It is good for what ails you so so true!” I know I can be stressed and step down off that last wood step and I instantly feel the relief. The song “The Saltwater Gospel” is very true as well.

  2. Awesome, I have to have one Leslie Anne. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see this. The photos are gorgeous and I know the content will be excellent. I know you enjoyed doing this, and now when I need to know anything about our beautiful beaches I know who to call!

    1. Actually, I was in the middle of the project when my family had long-before decided to spend a week in Orange Beach, and let me tell you, I was a real know-it-all!

  3. OKAY, i give up!
    Have heard of them, however not aware if I have ever experienced them!

    Please let me know also, if they are only found in the SOUTH!

    Thanks, Arlene C.

  4. Virtual copy, not in my house. I want the coffee table worthy version for everyone to see. Ordering mine now. Great job Leslie Anne, and I know you enjoyed this job as much as the Fairhope one. ?‍?

  5. How beautiful! Have company coming especially to go to the b each next week. Love the writing and pictures.
    Hope your husband was able to take some of the great photos!

  6. Thanks Leslie Anne, you can’t beat free! Congrats on all your hard work, I bring mine for you to autograph next time we meet!

  7. Just ordered mine, I’ve been waiting since you first wrote about it. And I want the real thing that I can hold in my hand. Maybe I’ll send it to you to autograph?

    It couldn’t possibly have been a piece of cake to find enough adjectives but I bet you did a wonderful job of describing this amazing place you love so much.

    1. Thanks Dewena. One of the few changes I caught that the editors made, was on a part where I used some descriptive words, and they just took those out and literally inserted, “adjective overload.” Ha! I didn’t really like their version, but I’ll have to go back and see what I put that was probably overboard! Hope you like it.

  8. Congrats oh so much on getting the chance to do this. I’m sure you were the perfect choice to gush about how amazing our gulf coast really is! And yes, the beach and salt water are cure-alls for us too. I can’t wait to pick up a copy 🙂

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