A million little things

September 5, 2016


IMG_3462First up, have you had the new Cotton Candy Grapes? I found these at Piggly Wiggly, and although they’re pricier than regular grapes, it’s worth the splurge at least once.


IMG_3461All natural, no chemicals, they’ve been grown to taste just like  . . . COTTON CANDY!!! They sell out fast, so if you don’t see them in the produce section, be sure to ask if there are new shipments in the back.


IMG_3480Moving right along . . . Art On A Limb is coming soon to Fairhope! The excitement is building and installations will go up this coming Saturday, Sept. 10th and remain on display all over downtown until Sept. 30th.


IMG_3482If you’ve wanted to visit Fairhope, now’s the time to get over here to see this amazing exhibit, hosted by our fabulous Eastern Shore Art Center.


14199391_10154063627603935_7032096021905191895_nThis photo is from Tallahassee after Hurricane Hermine slammed them. Not the Wataburger! If it’s the one on Tennessee Street, my husband used to take me there for late-night burgers in college! Thankfully, the damage to the city wasn’t major, but a dear friend reported she’d reached her wits end when she didn’t have power for several days which resulted in accelerated hot flashes, no ice for adult beverages and the fear of no college football on TV. The National Guard would have helped, but determined it was too dangerous to go near her. Glad all are now well.

*Just found out there are still people without power! Oh no!


IMG_3467But back to Piggly Wiggly . . . I’ve got four words for you. 1. Ice. 2. Cream. 3. Moon. 4. Pie.


IMG_3469My family said this is hands-down the best ice-cream treat they’ve ever had. Just had to share that with you. If you haven’t heard, they’re building a MoonPie Store in Mobile! I’m so excited. It’s like a Southern Tiffany’s.


IMG_3487Back to the Art Center, this past Friday night, the show, “FEAR” was exhibited and local artists displayed their ideas of what fear means to them. Very quirky, fascinating and thought provoking. Nationally known pinhole photographer Pinky Bass said her biggest fear is losing her sight, so for two hours, she blindfolded herself, used a cane, and took photos of the crowd.


IMG_3486 (1)I’ve always loved talking with Pinky and she’s such a creative force in our town. She’s exhibited in museums such as The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. and the Birmingham Museum of Art as well as many, many others. (Mmm, according to her Wikipedia page, Pinky’s 80 years old. I would have sworn she was at least a decade younger if not more).



IMG_3492Also on display was the Eastern Shore Camera Club exhibit where my own Joseph exhibited a photo I’ve featured here on the blog before. It was a big hit . . .



IMG_3493but didn’t sell. Dang it. Mama wanted a shiny new Porsche.  Keep trying, sweetie.


IMG_3266The big buzz in our small town is that we have a new Mayor! If you’ve read this blog for even a short time, you know what a loyal customer I am of our independent bookstore, Page and Palette. Well, our new Mayor, who is also Fairhope’s first female mayor, is none other than the owner of Page and Palette, Karin Wilson!



Signs like this got a lot of attention after there was confusion about just who could vote.


IMG_3264Here’s Karin on election night giving one of her daughters a huge hug.


IMG_3267And here I am with Karin giving her a hug of my own. I’m so very proud of her willingness to step out and tackle some difficult growth and sprawl issues facing our city. Karin has her work cut out for her, but we know she’ll be up to the task.


IMG_0177And last but not least . . . I went in the pantry and found this little enhancement from someone in my house. It’s always a joy to live with teenagers.


Just a few of the million little things going on around here.


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