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May 16, 2016



IMG_2110It’s the week beach-babe book lovers anticipate all year . . . the release of New York Times best selling author Mary Kay Andrews‘ latest book, “The Weekenders.” And yes, this is me being totally hip and cool reading my copy before any of the hoi polloi have access to it. I went so crazy-bonkers over getting my hands on an advanced copy that my ever-conniving son wanted to know how much he could get for it on ebay. I kept it under lock and key after that comment, because I didn’t want him knowing there really and truly are rabid MKA fans that would give up their grits in order to sneak a peek at the hottest story in town.


treadmillI jumped right in to the new story, even while on the treadmill, which kind of made me dizzy, so I had to be careful.



The Weekenders will officially be launched tomorrow, May 17th and the popular author will be visiting Fairhope on Thursday, May the 19th! I know!!! How fun is that going to be? If you are anywhere near our area, be sure to catch the details at the end of this post and join in the fun of hearing Mary Kay discuss this book, which brings in touches of, “who done it” from her first career path as an investigative reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


DSC02063Here’s Mary Kay when she was in Fairhope last year along with me and my friends Debbie and children’s book author Dr. Karyn Tunks. (I’m glad I found this photo because I was planning to wear the same thing to the book signing this week! What a total faux pas. The Committee for the Preservation of Loveliness would have discussed me).



Here’s MKA looking great with my blogger-bud Rhoda, in their matching shirts. The Weekenders has the usual characteristics of a juicy story full of trials, romance and a good Southern setting, but this tale also adds an element of Nancy Drew to the mix. I totally didn’t see the final resolution coming, but loved the surprise way everything tied together in the end.


IMG_7376Here’s one of Mary Kay’s beach houses at Tybee Island where we first met. Click HERE to see more photos of this adorable cottage that you can rent!


IMG_73951This is Mary Kay’s writing desk on Tybee Island, which I was bold enough to sit at! Ooo! I know, who do I think I am, right? In all honesty, MKA has been one of the most generous writers I’ve met, who always has time to answer my silly questions and help guide me. Since she started out in the newspaper business, she’s really been a wonderful friend to encourage my dreams. I don’t think I could ever write the fabulous fiction she does, but my personal life has been just the thing she may need to borrow from someday, so I guess I could be useful for that.


MKAbookIf you’re not in the Fairhope area, check the schedule HERE for other cities in The Weekenders tour so you can meet Mary Kay Andrews yourself! She’s so funny and charming, you’ll have a great time and pick up a fun book too!


MKAsignClick HERE to find details from the Page and Palette web site.


Hope to see you Thursday night!

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