Lake home tour

April 28, 2016


previewThis lovely home in Fairhope isn’t just elegant, it also has the benefit of overlooking this .  .  .


preview-9 . . . beautiful lake. “Oh darling, do row us around once more before tea in the gazebo. You know I adore the way your eyes reflect the water.”


DSC_8992Located in “The Waters at Fairhope,” this four bedroom, four bath house is only two years old and has all of the luxuries and charm of a proper Southern home.


DSC_8940The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining, or just sliding around the floor in your socks. (You know you would).


DSC_8944The kitchen includes a Thermador cooktop, double ovens, wine cooler and granite countertops. Food practically cooks itself in here.


DSC_8947Isn’t this beautiful? There’s also a huge pantry for lots of storage. You need to bring your own refrigerator, but we have lots of ice-box stores around here. Didn’t your grandmother call it an ice-box?


DSC_8999The master bedroom has a great sitting area that overlooks the lake.


DSC_9011If I had this master bath for my dressing room, I’d look a lot better than I do now. I think this is based on Cinderella’s dressing area. The window probably opens so little birds can come in and tie your ribbons. Yet with all the wood touches, it isn’t too frilly, so the Prince will also be happy and quite dapper.


preview-6The back screened porch features a cozy fireplace and kitchen area. With our balmy climate, this room could be used almost year-round, and of course, it overlooks that shimmery lake.



preview-4One more view from the pavilion, where I’m sure I’d put a few rocking chairs . . .  ahhhh. Such a lovely, peaceful and charming home.


This home is listed for $799,000.

If you’d like to find out more about this home, or others in the Fairhope area, call Sondra Blackwell at Blackwell Realty at 251-455-1172.


  • I would love to have a kitchen that cooked for me and birdies in my dressing room to tie my ribbons! AND a screened in porch with a fireplace, dreamy! Seems like a very good price to me, lovely spot~

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Fairhope real estate is pricey, so yes, for this area, it is a good deal. The helpful birds are included

  • Thanks for taking us on the lake home tour! That kitchen made my heart melt! 🙂 ~Rhonda

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Isn’t it pretty? I could make a big mess in that kitchen in no time at all!

  • Wonderful house filled with southern charm. Your statement “based on Cinderella’s dressing area…the window probably opens so little birds can come in and tie your ribbons” gave me a smile. Yes, I remember that scene from the movie.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Oh, it was in the movie? I remember it from when I dressed this morning!

  • Just in case you just have to see it in person, we are having an Open House from 2-4 this Sunday, May 1

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Glad to know! Get ready for a crowd!

  • I love home tours Leslie Anne, the tour of homes is a must! This is a beautiful home and I’m sure it won’t be on the market long. Now, I’m going back for one more look:)

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I wish you’d buy it and move on down here!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You are welcome. I know everyone loves looking at a pretty house. I forgot to ask if there are fish in the lake!

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