It’s ready!

September 15, 2023


It’s been a wild summer of writing projects. 

The two main things I’ve been working on are shaping up with the first being ready now — It’s a second edition of my book, Bringing Christmas Home!

The second project is on the horizon for release later this spring. – stay tuned! 

Bringing Christmas Home was originally released in a limited area last year, and thanks to my kind readers, word spread quickly and the book sold out everywhere it was placed. I learned valuable lessons from readers and one was that the story had a wide appeal to all ages. Much more than I had originally expected.

This year, the book will be released in a larger national market, and I need your help again.

Because this is a true story, it interests the younger readers. They are amazed that there was another worldwide pandemic (the Spanish flu). I think it gives them hope that the world keeps going after bad things happen.  It also helps them embrace the idea that older people were once children just like them. (amazing to think granny was once a little girl!). 

Grandparents told me they shared the story with the children in their family and I even had an 8-year-old little boy read it first, then take it to his mother and grandmother and tell them, “You two are going to love this book.” He then read it a second time. 

Sharing something with children that doesn’t involve a blinking screen? YES!!! After I did a presentation for the 7thgraders at Spanish Fort Middle School, several students came to see me at a nearby book signing the next week. They were very excited to have read the book and then talk to me about it. I was just as excited.

I went back this summer and clarified a few details to make the story more direct and readable for all ages. It still only takes about an hour to read and has the perfect happy ending we all need right now. 

The back cover was updated - although my photo will change yet again. Sigh . . . the life of a perfectionist. 

Bookstores everywhere can stock Bringing Christmas Home, but usually, they will wait until a customer asks for it. The book will also be available on Amazon. 

You’ve always been so kind to help and encourage me while I wrote newspaper columns and began my book writing journey, so here are some new ways I’d love to have your support. 

  • Request the book in your local bookstore and library - it's also suitable for church libraries.  They may need the ISBN number, listed here and in the graphic below:  ISBN: 9798988388401
  • Leave a review on Amazon (very big help!)
  • Leave a review on Goodreads:
  • Tell your friends and bookclubs and schools.
  • Invite me to speak to your group – I love meeting readers! 

I’m honored so many of you have supported this sweet, uplifting story that teaches the importance of valuing our older family members. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, cheering, buying, sharing and your generous spirit of kindness.  

And thank you to everyone who preordered signed copies. They will be on their way soon. 

Stay tuned for a story about my upcoming visit to a very exciting bookstore! 

If you signed up for the newsletter at the top right side of the sidebar, you got to see a photo of my 104 year old friend out for a ride with me. - thanks everyone! 

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