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April 21, 2018


**This story was originally written in April of 2018. I had this procedure to prevent a stroke. Four months later, my own father passed away from complications from a stroke. I'm so thankful for the blessing of having this procedure and for the skill of my doctors.  I want to encourage others, especially women, to take an active role in heart health. 

This photo was taken right after I arrived home from 5 hours of heart surgery the day before. Bob is 20% hugging me, and 80% holding me up. Moments later, I said, “I think I’ll go lie down for a while.” Over a day later, I woke up and felt like a bus had hit me.

The operating room at Providence Hospital was greatly impressive like a cross between Star Trek and General Hospital.  My Electrophysiologist, Dr. Stephanie Grosz was amazing  and gave me great confidence. You always want your surgeon and pilot to be confident people.

Recovering with a teenaged photographer in the house . . .  The Press Register makes everything better.

Tubes left my throat sore, (pearls helped), bruises from being stuck (you can see a little bit of it on my right arm), and even sore eyelids from taping my eyes shut (the intense blueness has always caused distraction, and the operating room is no place for that). ♥  My ankles hurt from monitors and I was foggy-headed and tried to explain to my husband about my ankles but couldn’t think of the word, so I told him my “foot wrists” hurt. I laughed when I said it because I knew it wasn’t right.

After several fitful nights of little sleep, the pains have faded, but I’m still sleepy all the time. I thought I’d get a lot of reading and even some writing done, but I keep falling asleep like a teenager in church.

My caregivers have been sweet (Joseph the 18 year old gets the award as the best nurse). This is a picture (below) of the breakfast my husband brought me one morning. I call it “carb delight.” Toast, more toast and a roll. But hey, he brought it to me in bed, so I thanked him and fed the dogs a few bites when he wasn’t looking.  The first morning there was a big issue and I wasn’t a happy patient.  Bob had to duck to keep from being hit from flying . . . toast. After that, things were adjusted and everyone was nice. Believe me, he deserved it.

Thank you so much for your kind notes of concern and your prayers. So many sweet notes of support, and many of them gave me a big laugh. You are not only nice readers, but you are hilarious as well — and we all know laughter is the best medicine.

I volunteer with some children every week, and they made me this giant Get Well Soon card. I almost cried, it was so sweet!

God is good and has blessed me with a great doctor, good friends who are entertaining and feeding me,  and modern medicine is truly a miracle from God. Strokes run in my family, and I can’t help but think that if this PVI procedure was around a few years ago it could have possibly helped some of them.

Thank you again for all of your love and kindness.

And of course, I’d be a failure as a blogger if I didn’t make a Pinterest board to tell you more about A-fib and A-flutter. It’s always good Southern thing to slap cuteness on top of a problem, right? Click HERE to see it and learn more about how to prevent strokes. 

And here's another post for more information on the PVI procedure. 

  • I’m so glad to hear you are recuperating nicely. Thinking and praying for continued recovery!! Sending you my thoughts.

    • Thank you Hope! Much better now, just a lingering cough for some reason.

  • Leslie Anne, you make recovering in bed look downright sexy! You’re lucky your hubs can make toast, I discovered when I was laid up the only thing my hubsand makes is reservations! Thank goodness for my church meal train. Seriously, you have been on my mind and in my prayers, and I am so relieved you are doing well.

    I just went to Charleston to throw a 50th birthday party for my sister and cooked dinner for 70 people. The day of her party she was feeling horrible at 6:30 AM. Went to the ER and she was admitted to the hospita with a ruptured diverticulum. She missed her own party!

    • Some women will do anything to avoid turning 50! — How terrible about your sister, but so glad her condition was caught and you were there to help. I happen to love toast, even better than biscuits, but come on now . . . my man is a cutie pie and a genius, but the kitchen isn’t his gift. Bless his heart. Thanks for the note Roxanne!

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery. Sounds like you will up and at it very soon. Take care of yourself too.

    • Thank you. Resting and being still is hard for me. Where are all those days I was dying for a nap?

  • Kenneth Holley says:

    so glad you made it thru! God IS good!

  • Katherine West Scheil says:

    Glad to hear you are recovering!

  • Beth Johnston says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Take care!

    • Thank you Beth. If you could just please throw me another party, I’d feel better right away! hahaha!

  • Karen Roloson says:

    I had known that you have heart problems but didn’t realize that you were hospitalized lately. We have two dear friends who were in the hospital last week. One for open heart surgery and the other for colon surgery. I have been beating on the gates of Heaven with constant prayers for them. I’m sure that God says “Oh my, there she is again! Can’t anyone do something about her?” You will also be in my prayers. I make a great nag.

    • Thank you for your prayers. I don’t think God would ever grow weary of hearing from you!

  • I am so happy to see you wore proper monogrammed PJs! Best wishes and prayers that you are back to normal asap!!

    • Ha! Thanks Jenna. I knew I’d have to have this procedure at some point, so I bought all new jammies at the after Christmas sale at Dillards. It always makes you feel better when you look cute, you know?

  • Quick recovery and well wishes to you. Please get plenty of rest while you need it.

  • Robbie sexton says:

    Prayers and blessing Leslie. You sound so much like your sweet Mother

  • Sending healing wishes. Can’t believe all your issues because when I met you you are so pretty & healthy looking. Take care of yourself & do as the doctor says. I’m going to try and do that when I have surgery in 1-1/2 weeks. That’s the hard part, not doing what you want to do. Hope to see you up and around at our great Fairhope events real soon. God Bless.

    • That’s the weird thing about this type of heart issue – you look normal, and on the days you feel good . . . there’s no stopping! But then the next day, everything changes. Good luck to you and prayers for your procedure. If you need toast, let me know. I know a guy.

  • Wow, it’s pretty amazing that a person can undergo 5 hours of heart surgery and go home the following day. You sure are a trooper. Looks like you are in good hands at home. It’s the best place to be. <3

    • I think years ago, I would have been in the hospital for a week, but the procedure now is so advanced, it’s off to home we go! Thanks Lorraine.

  • Thankful you are home and the worst is behind you. Thankful for the advances in medicine that offer us such specific, specialized care. My husband had afib and his electrophysiologist was a real gem. Didn’t know there was even such a thing as a cardio electrophysiologist! Take care and enjoy the enforced rest.

  • Sharon Calvert says:

    Leslie, having recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of my quintuple bypass surgery, I can relate to the fatigue you are experiencing. Pace yourself, eat nourishing food, ease into gentle exercise, sleep as needed, and allow yourself time to fully recover. Praising God that all went well and sending healing hugs from across the bay!

    • Sharon Calvert says:

      … oops! NOT from across the bay, but down the road!

    • Thank you Sharon. So glad you’ve recovered and are strong and healthy now!

  • Pat Skaggs says:

    Leslie Anne, so glad you are home and all went well for you. You definitely are a Trooper and with the watchful eyes of your Hunks at home I have to believe you WILL listen to everyone and NOT rush your healing process.Don’t forget, the longer you drag this out the more “Hunk Attention” you’ll get!
    Extra hugs and prayers coming your way … pat

    • Thank you Pat! Bob has been my main laundry guy – it’s his way to show me love. And sunflowers. He’s good about that too.

  • Hey girlfriend ! Your boundless spirit and bright light is a source of amazing grace …. pearls and pajamas … you are adorable …
    take it easy … really ! Your task now is to heal … be waited on … and take this precious time to continue writing !!! Between naps !
    Love you …. ! Gigi

    • Thank you Gigi. Can’t wait to pop in and see you at the Gallery soon!

  • Woah! That certainly was NOT the blog I thought I was about to read from you! But, in “FINE” Leslie Anne style, even having gone through what you did, you manage to lift others spirits with your humor. I am very sorry you had to go through with a heart procedure. As we all know that “ticker” IS a main tool in our “toolbox” and we don’t need it in any shape but the best!!
    Good luck in your recovery my dear and bless your bedside nurses. They just might earn themselves a cute white hat before this is all over!!!
    God bless you……Ash?❤️

    • Thanks Ashley. You’ve had your share of dealing with hospital issues, and met them with bravery and boldness only a mother could exhibit. So proud of you and your good example of faith.

  • Margaret Neely says:

    Leslie Anne,
    I am so sorry that I did not know that you had heart surgery. I did see you at the Chocolate & Champagne event and noticed that you were not feeling well. I am so glad your surgery is over and you are on the mend.

    • Yep . . . that night I was wiped out, could barely stand, and no amount of chocolate could perk me up. Bummer. Just wait till next year! Thanks for the well wishes and I hope to see you soon.

  • I am so happy to hear you are home. Been thinking about you. Praying for a speedy recovery and lots of energy.

  • Savan Wilson says:

    Oh my goodness. I did not know you had been in hospital and so glad you are doing better! Take care of yourself! You do have the best support team with Bob and the boys – you are blessed.

    • Thank you Savan. And of course, you know that hoping back over to Italy someday is motivation for me to feel better!

  • Leslie Anne, so sorry for you troubles. May God bless you with strength, peace and comfort in the days to come.

  • Judy Patterson says:

    Thank the good Lord you’re on the way to recovery. Your devoted followers are relieved to know that the the surgery was successful and that you’ll soon be back to matching form with all the rest of the majorettes who love you. You are a blessing to your readers. Take the best care of yourself; this is serious business.

  • Leslie Anne, sending prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself!

    • Thanks Pam. I’ll be checking out your pretty blog for soothing moments!

  • I’m sorry I didn’t know, I should have because I haven’t seen a post from you lately. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. It does cause a lot of nervousness and causes a lot of stress. I’m so happy all went well in the operating room. Follow your doctors orders and rest until you’ve recovered. If I were near I’d be on your porch with a basket of food for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers………Hugs

  • I am reading this from a hospital room while sitting with my 38 yr old son who had open heart surgery a yr ago. He contracted a staph bacterial infection 2 weeks ago and it attached itself to his defibrillator lead wire that goes into his heart. Endocarditis. This is the 8th day in hospital on round the clock antibiotics with surgery scheduled for Monday to remove defibrillator. I feel your pain. Kinda because, of course, no one actually knows the pain unless you’ve gone thru it. But I feel like I have, just a bit.
    Good Luck in your recovery but DO take care of yourself and don’t get “back at it” too soon!!!

    • Bless your heart, and your precious son’s as well! My procedure wasn’t as serious as open heart surgery, but the discomfort and nervousness of dealing with heart issues — I can feel. I pray your son has a good doctor in a good hospital. Medicine is so amazing these days, I’m sure he’ll be up and around in no time at all. These heart things are frightening for our nerves, but God is in control. My prayers for a speedy recovery are with you. Thanks for your note.

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