Which comes first, the column or the blog post?

July 15, 2016



Well, usually, the column comes first, then I share it here on the blog.

But this week’s article for al.com came about a bit backwards.


My column appears in the Sunday edition of The Mobile Press, The Birmingham News and The Huntsville Times and after it appears on the al.com web site, I finally publish it here on the blog.


Well, this time, the blog post came first, then it developed into a full column for the paper. Go figure.


You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a little post about what it’s like to be 16 in the summer in the South (here), which featured my 16 year old son Joseph’s photography. So many of you liked it and commented on it, that I took the short blog post and expanded it to a full-length newspaper column for this coming Sunday.



Crown Graphic

It’s been on the paper’s on-line site this week and the best part is, they were able to use all of Joseph’s photos in a slide-show format. He’s very excited, and I’m so proud of him.


If you want to see the new expanded version of the story, click HERE.


And as always, thanks for reading and for giving me such good feedback!


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