Help me interview Fannie Flagg!

November 14, 2016


Fannie Flagg - Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogSit down for this big-big news!


Tomorrow, I get to interview . . . Fannie Flagg! AAGGGHHH!!!! I know! Only my all – time favorite author, well I guess to be fair, I should say “one of” because there are a few others I also love, Mary Kay Andrews and Jan Karon being right up there in the top three, but they all three have such different styles, and Fannie Flagg is the one who makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!


Fannie Flagg - Leslie Anne Tarabella-blog

She’s calling me (for some reason, they wouldn’t give me HER phone number even though I promised to only use it for emergencies — “Hi Fannie, it’s me. Whatcha’ doin’ today? Whatcha’ eatin’? What? No fried green tomatoes? Hahahaha!). But I’ll be able to talk to her about, well . . . anything, I guess, and that’s where I need your help.


I don’t want to be predictable . . .

Why did you write this book?

Do you miss Alabama?

Do you have any pets?

Blah, blah, blah . . . boring.

But I also don’t want to be weird. 

What shoe size do you wear?

Who was your fourth grade teacher?

Do you prefer your peanuts roasted or boiled?

Fannie Flagg - Leslie Anne Tarabella-blog

Fannie’s new book, “The Whole Town’s Talking” will be released November 29th, and the celebrated Alabama author will be in Fairhope December 6th at the Civic Center beginning at 6pm for a huge Fannie-palooza. More details are at the bottom of this post.


Fannie Flagg - Leslie Anne Tarabella-blog

I was lucky-duck enough to score an advanced copy of, “The Whole Town’s Talking” and so far, it’s not what I expected as far as Southern stories go, but it’s exactly what I expected as far as weaving a good tale from the get-go and keeping me mesmerized with every page of the book. I’m already trying to figure out how to get out of a few very important meetings today (laundry, grocery shopping) so I can keep reading!


So, what do you think? What should I ask this celebrated author/actress/comedian? Can someone pretty-please remind me to charge my phone?



Fannie Flagg will be featured at a book talk and signing set for 6:00 p.m. on Dec. 6th at the Fairhope Civic Center. Tickets to the event are $38 and include admission for one to the special event and an autographed first edition of “The Whole Town’s Talking.”  Tickets are available for purchase at Page and Palette or online at Eventbrite.  Page and Palette is also accepting pre-orders for signed copies of the new book for those unable to attend the event.  Fairhope Civic Center is located at 161 N. Section Street in downtown Fairhope. For more information contact the bookstore at (251) 928-5295 or




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