Happy Labor Day

September 5, 2021


Happy Labor Day! 

America is a place where we are encouraged to follow our dreams. It hasn't always been that way for everyone, but in our evolving and growing country, children are now encouraged to be whatever they want to be. "If there's a will, there's a way" is the mindset of many high achievers. The American Dream isn't as elusive as it used to be. — or at least it shouldn't be. I think you'll agree, these are strange times. My local restaurants are closed several days a week due to a shortage of workers. 

This is my grandfather working in the Biological Lab at Eglin Air Force Base. He worked there after he retired from being the County Agent for many years in Walton County, FL. He first worked to put himself through college. Hard work was why he said he lived so long, until he was 102. 

My Dad was the hardest working Minister of Music and Youth Director I've ever known. He's so  young in this photo, probably just out of seminary. He had several large choral and handbell choirs, for children through adults, and had meetings or rehearsals most nights of the week. He never sat still long. 

Here's my mother  right out of high school when she went to business school and worked at a parts supply store, then Redstone Arsenal before she attended Samford University. She later taught kindergarten for 30 years —  that's hard work!  

And now, my husband and I are on the upper end of the generation that has figured out how to work from anywhere in the world. Technology is changing the way Americans work, and it's exciting.  If the previous generations could see how we work now, they'd be amazed. They'd also tell us to stop working so much and enjoy life. 

Working in Florence, Italy - Leslie Anne Tarabella

Meeting the deadline in Florence, Italy.

May you all be blessed to love your work, and enjoy a day of rest, and may God bless our Country of hard workers. 

**I've just now remembered another story I wrote (one of my favorites to tell) about how my other grandfather - Granddaddy McKee ate 4 lbs of bananas so he could get a job during the depression. - Now that's dedication! Click HERE to read.

  • Teresa M Martin says:

    Many of the children of our friends (our generation) do not have any appreciation of or value for anything material. That is because they were given everything but a work ethic. Will they do any better with their children? We can certainly hope.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      For some reason, not everyone thinks childhood chores are teaching tools.

  • A good work ethic is so important to happiness, it pains me to see that becoming less and less prevalent…

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Yes, it looks like robots will come to the rescue whether we like it or not.

  • Glad your family had a good work ethic, as did mine. I don’t understand these who won’t work now. Hard work was once a badge of honor.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      So true. Those sitting home instead of working to make their way in the world will be sorry someday, I’m afraid. Everything is backwards now.
      Thanks for chiming in.

  • Those pictures are just precious. They were so young. You have a wonderful Labor Day.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Thanks Sandy. Being young back then, meant getting busy with your life, not living on your parent’s sofa! They seem like babies now, looking back. Happy Labor Day to you as well.

  • Arlene Cocke says:

    Hello! What treat to see you at the Galleria last week, one of my favorite people,in person!!
    Loved your Ear Boob column today in the paper, and today’s blog! It certainly easy to see where you inherited your work ethic! Grandfather, Father and your Mother! You got that beautiful smile of yours from your Mom, no doubt!
    Always enjoy your stories, don’t ever stop!!???

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      It was so good to see you as well – behind the mask! I love shopping at the Daphne Antique Galleria and your booth is great. I think I bought. Christmas gift from you for my son! Thanks for reading and being so supportive!

      • Goodness BIG typo!!! Ear Boob, hardly, please forgive me! That should have read Ear Bob, duh!

        • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

          Ha! I saw that and meant to change it for you, but then forgot. It’s pretty funny, and that sort of earring would DEFINITELY hurt! hahaha!

  • Hard work is what my parents taught me. It has served me well. Have a restful Labor Day, Leslie Anne!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      You had a great example. I’m sure you’ve done the same for your children! Happy Holiday of rest to you as well!

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