First time to host!

September 21, 2022


I love trying new things — unless it involves alligators or raisins. 

This new experience was just the kind of thing I love  —  it was my very first time hosting the Andy Andrews Blue Plate Special which airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:15 Central on his social media sites. Andy was out of town, so I jumped into his chair and interviewed a very dear friend, Lise Ode

Lise and I were in college together so conversation was easy. She has followed an amazing path through her passion for baking, so there was plenty to discuss.

A two-time finalist in the Pillsbury Bake-Off, Lise transformed her culinary skills into an online business. Her Mom Loves Baking site has over a half million followers. - 500,000+!!!!! She's a sugar rock star.  

Lise's site specializes in easy-as -pie recipes, although she also has a few gourmet things tossed in from time to time. 

Her most popular recipe has been the Copycat version of Nothing Bundt Red Velvet Cake

It looks scrumptious and has a surprising secret ingredient.

You can click HERE or on the photo above to see how the interview went. I kept thinking "1. Sit up straight and 2. Slow the zingityzangitydingity down!"  I do tend to talk a bit fast (for a Southerner). I managed to hit both goals about 80% of the time. 

Thanks to Andy Andrews for loaning me his chair. It was fun, and I didn't encounter one single alligator or raisin. 

Take a look at Mom Loves Baking


Andy Andrews and Wisdom Harbour

To see my previous interview with Andy about my Christmas Book click HERE.  — this interview mentions the wrong date for the book launch party (read about the mystery of the stolen books HERE).

The correct information is below, and everyone is invited to Fairhope Alabama for the party! 

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