Fill The Plate Luncheon

April 30, 2018



That’s me — the little orange speck in front of the crowd.

Prodisee Pantry was packed out for their Fill The Plate Luncheon last Thursday. I’ve been feeling much better since my heart procedure, but the morning I was supposed to speak at the luncheon, of course, something was wrong.  — What’s a girl to do? I hate to ever, ever, go back on a commitment, so . . .

I threw on a favorite dress and instantly felt better. You ladies know what I mean about the power of your favorite dress, right? A little lipstick, and POOF! Instant health. The crowd was so amazingly nice and responsive, it was a treat to be able to be there.



After the luncheon, I signed a few books, then headed to the hospital, where I discovered that I now have a lung issue. Go figure. I think all that poking around my heart and tubes and such caused a little irritation, but this will be a breeze to shake off and I’ll soon be running around like normal.


This is Deann Servos, the brains, muscle and prayer warrior behind Prodisee Pantry. This woman had a dream put on her heart years ago, when some thought there wasn’t a need for this type of ministry in Baldwin County. Can you imagine? Deann followed God’s path and as a result, thousands upon thousands of hungry and hurting people have been helped and given HOPE!


Last year, 548 tons of food were distributed by Prodisee Pantry! They serve an average of 1,175 families per MONTH! Fresh fruits and vegetables are also distributed to encourage healthy habits and 60 tons of fresh produce were distributed last year.

Prodisee Pantry is our local food bank — but so much more. Serving those in our community who have an immediate need for food, health care, social services and jobs, Prodisee Pantry can do it all. They even have compassionate care for pets who otherwise would go untreated or unfed.


Generously sponsored by Pen Air Federal Credit Union, the attendees were treated to a tasty meal, typical of what would be distributed to those in need. Have I ever told you how much I love canned green beans? Really now, I just think they are tasty. I ate them a lot in college. Everything is so neat and clean, the organizers placed the food tables in the warehouse so we could tour the facility while filling our plates.


The entire community pitches in to help with Prodisee Pantry. Church groups, social clubs,  golf groups, schools . . . everyone loves to volunteer here. First, because you can see the immediate results of your work with food and services being given out on a regular basis,  and also because the charity is so well-run, it makes you feel good to be a part of something so organized.

As much fun as I have when I come to Prodisee Pantry, there’s always a part of my heart that just breaks when I remember why this facility is here. How can we let children or seniors — or ANYONE go hungry in this day and age? I actually choked up at one point during my speech because I was talking about how hard it must be for a dad to come in and have to ask for help. What a terrible day for him, but with the right kind of loving volunteer, it could turn into something positive for him and his family. I’m sure that exact situation is played out over an over again here.


One great thing about Prodisee Pantry is they have businesses on hand every week who are looking to hire qualified workers. Interviews are often conducted on the spot, and the clients are sent home with not only a basket of healthy food, but also a promising job.

This is my table, and the centerpieces also reflected some of the items given to those in need. (plus a delicious green cupcake!). We had 36 tables with 8 people at each table. So many people who came out to learn more about how they can help our community. Everyone took home a red plate to “fill” with donations from their friends. We also discussed that it’s always good to fill your plate with other gifts as well. Do you like to clean, organize, play with children or do paperwork? Then your gifts are needed to fill this plate! If you want to contribute, or learn more about this fabulous part of our community, click HERE and give them a call.


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