Fairhope’s Magical Christmas Parade

December 11, 2023


Fairhope's Magical Christmas Parade had a weather delay this year and was moved to a Thursday night, which resulted in much smaller crowds than in recent years. I have to admit, it was a nice throw-back to a decade or so ago when there weren't so many people living here- a relaxed, non-pushing kind of evening. 

But the best part, besides Santa? Andy was here! 

I've announced the Christmas Parade for WABF radio for about 10 years, but this time was joined by my friend, Andy Andrews. The New York Times best-selling author is a ball of fire and kept me in stitches as we gave a play-by-play for the people at home. We had listeners from several different states and even other countries through the station's internet broadcast. Andy and his wife Polly joined me and my Bob on the balcony of the Single Tax Corporation offices. Bob snapped these photos.

My mother listened to us on her radio and said she loved it so much (That Andy is so silly!) that when she got sleepy, she took her radio to bed  and listened until she fell asleep. Isn't that sweet, like a mother? 

Fairhope natives who are stationed around the world in the military often tune in to hear a bit of hometown fun and there's a large group of loyal listeners in New York, as well as Arizona, Georgia and Puerto Rico! 

Lori Dubose from WABF radio rides in the parade.

Andy posted several video clips to his facebook page. You can find it HERE. Be sure to follow his page and tell him hello! 

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