Fair HO-HO-Hope

November 23, 2019


Isn’t this the best slogan ever? I think a local advertising agency came up with the Fair Ho-Ho-Hope, and I’m sorry I can’t remember who, but if I do, I’ll give them credit. Since I watched Madmen, I love clever and witty advertising. But WAIT! It’s on a pillow? Oh, who doesn’t love a little toss pillow for the holidays? Creative powerhouse Stacy Sheehan-Wilson has a complete line of handmade literary inspired pillows, and now for the holidays, she’s added the Ho-Ho HOPE pillow! (ETSY)

***Update I can always depend on my sharp readers for help. Barbara Levitt from my favorite M&F Casuals shop said that Adrienne Clow from the Eastern Shore Art Center and Alex Robinson the Director of the Downtown Business Association collaborated to create the Ho-Ho Hope Campaign. I should have known. The two of them are powerhouse creative thinkers. – thanks Barbara!

To find the perfect pillow gift for someone who loves Fairhope or someone who loves to read, go to Page and Palette (251) 928-5295, or look at Stacy’s facebook page — Memory Art and Pillow Barks. You’ll need to hurry, this pillow was literally on the shelf for about 4 seconds when I plucked it up for myself. Merry Christmas to me!

Our annual Lighting of the Trees was spectacular once again, and everyone was well behaved.

I’ve learned to first attend the exclusive Lighting of the Goat, then make my way to the center of town after the crowd has faded a bit.

The downtown remains illuminated through Mid March for the Arts and Crafts festival, so you have time to come visit and see how beautiful it is. Check out the Fairhope Merchants page for more details.

Another little pre-holiday goodie I bought for myself just made me laugh aloud. “Snowbirds and Jesus . . . coming soon! If you live here, you know about our dear snowbird friends. They actually aren’t so bad, because they are smart and go back up north when it’s miserably hot in the summer. This travel cup is an original design by Southern Antiques and Accents – (on Greeno Road behind Pizza Hut if you’re local). They have other great designs and lots of other things, which believe it or not, I did purchase a few things there for people other than myself! So generous, I know.

If you are in Mobile, AL, pop into The Haunted Bookshop (“Haunted by the ghosts of all great literature.”) Great books, great atmosphere, and LOOK! My book is snuggled up to my all-time favorite – Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man by . . . (drum roll), Fannie Flagg!Better than having a crown snuggled down on my crispy Aqua-Netted head and an arm full of roses!

I’ll return in a few days with my Thanksgiving story – which was somehow picked up and posted by Eric Metaxas! It’s been a very cool week of blessings and things to be thankful for. Hope you are also sliding into Thanksgiving with a grateful heart.

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  1. Came to Fairhope from Auburn On Thursday to see the lighting of the trees for first time. It was so beautiful!! I also went to Page and Palette and finally got your book. I love it!

    1. What a fun trip to see the lights! Glad you were here, and I wish I could have met you. I was at Page and Palette for a little while. Thanks for getting the book. I hope you like it.

    1. Thank you! I don’t know how he found it. A friend in GA tagged me on the comment or else I may have missed it. He was in Fairhope a few years ago and I got to meet him. I’m sure he has absolutely no memory of it, but it’s funny how things circle around. I have his Martin Luther book and it’s great.

  2. Lighting of the Goat? I love that, have you written about that here before? I’m curious! Will you be observing Plaid Friday? That sounds cool, I can see you Fairhopians–was that ever decided, can’t remember–as preppy wearers of plaid, with a chic edge of course. Is your outfit for the day ready?

    I have to admit that I’m a little bit envious of your fair town. Love my little suburb but your town kind of seems like the town the Gilmore Girls would have chosen if they moved south.

    1. That’s a loaded comment! Yes, to plaid Friday Fairhopers, not Fairhopians, preppy, yes, with a hint of Jimmy Buffet, outfit, not ready, spontanious, Don’t envy, we have sewer spills in the Bay and overcrowded schools, Gilmore Girls, we are just like them without coffee and northern accents. Phew! Now, on to the goat . . .

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