Easter, apron and now Spring Break!

April 6, 2015


Flower CrossI’ll be skipping out for a few days of Spring Break adventure, but before I leave, I wanted to tell you what a beautiful Easter we had and I hope you also had a wonderful Easter or Passover season.

The weather was perfect in Fairhope, and we enjoyed having our college boy home with us. This is my favorite Easter photo of all time – so far.  I think it’s from 2002. One son is holding an Easter egg, the other . . . a paint brush. I have no idea why. Yesterday at church, there were two brothers about this exact same age, dressed just like this in little seersucker suits. I could hardly face the front for wanting to turn around and look at them!


Leslie Anne TarabellaThis was the year before, 2001 when we posed with the lilies in downtown Fairhope. Remember the story from a few weeks ago about the little red sport coat? (HERE) Well, here’s the coat.

(The green building behind us burned down a few years ago, and now “Another Broken Egg” restaurant is being built with office space above).

Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd here we are yesterday after church. I kind of liked it when I had more control over their hairstyles, although I’m warming up to Mr. Hipster’s college look.


Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd how’s this for a super-husband? He matched my purple dress with his shirt and tie – without me asking! He’s learning that Southern girls love things like this. The next thing you know he’ll be monograming himself. What a darlin’.


Easter ApronLast year, my Mother surprised me with an Easter gift. On top of the package, there was a sewing pattern for a woman’s Easter vest. I tried to act like it was okay, but I thought, does she really think I’m going to wear a bunny rabbit vest? Oh mercy daisy, what a fashion nightmare! Hello 1980’s, Peter Cottontail just called and wants his vest back.

Easter ApronBut then, Mom got the last laugh, because she had turned the vest pattern into the most adorable apron ever!


Easter Apron

Look at the details and little pointed edge! She knows I love retro aprons, and I’ve not only worn it, but displayed it on a kitchen hook for several weeks, getting ready for Easter lunch.

Easter ApronLittle flower buttons are the perfect touch and made the Easter feast much tastier and fashionable!

Easter ApronThe apron gave me a little “swish” and a “hop” as I scurried about the kitchen preparing ham, salmon wrapped asparagus bundles, fruit salad, bacon/vegetable soufflé’, deviled eggs, hot biscuits, and dessert. Well, I made it all the day before, but I was busy heating it up.



Hope you have an exciting and adventurous week full of surprises and laughter, because that’s exactly what I’m planning on doing!



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