Cookies, parties, Founders Day and more . . .

November 2, 2016


Here’s a little bit of this and some of that about what I’ve been up to . . .


img_4162Just a little fun in the kitchen. I baked fall cookies before I went in the hospital last week and decorated a few to take to my college son in Birmingham. White Lily Flour saw this photo on Instagram and asked permission to use it on their site. I’m a famous baker now! You can find their Instagram account at: White Lily Baking.

img_4261I finished the others after I returned home from my little adventure to the hospital.  Now that I have all this new energy, I’ll be a whirlwind, doing the Thanksgiving and Christmas baking!


If you missed my sad tale of woe about my heart ablation, you can go back and read it HERE. Less than a week later, I’m feeling GREAT! And now that I’ve heard from so many of you, I think the main thing to remember is to always be aware of how you feel, and don’t mark it up to being tired, or getting old (not that I’d ever do that). I may have very well avoided a stroke by getting to the emergency room, so I hope all of you are paying attention to the “little things” that may be nagging you as well.


To continue . . .


img_4272My first solo excursion after being a cooped-up invalid, was to my favorite store, Page and Palette, where I purchased a copy of Frye Gaillard‘s new book, “Go South to Freedom.” It’s a captivating, true story of escaped slaves that weaves in my favorite. . . the awesome Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida!



img_4104This is my joyful friend Deborah Bruijn, owner of Fairhope Soap Company who, several weeks ago along with her husband Pascal,  hosted one of the most creative, delicious and fun parties of the year. Her Grilled Cheese Cook-Off was part culinary mastery and part luck of the cheese! The extensive Bloody Mary bar, room full of homemade cookies and live band, added to the fun.


img_4123My husband and I competed, but alas, didn’t win the coveted cheese crown. It was a wild afternoon full of cheesy-goodness, seeing old friends and making new friends as well.




Last week, I attended the world-premier of the Fairhope Founders Day Film, organized by California transplant John O’Melveny Woods, who is shown above, welcoming the crowd along with the Director of the Fairhope Museum of History and Founders Day play director and writer, Donnie Barrett. The play takes place in the Fairhope Cemetery every year, and depicts the city’s founding fathers (and mothers) as they tell about their role in the founding of this “experimental” city.


Here’s the trailer:

My son Joseph made the behind the scenes video, which of course, I think is awesome. I’ll try to get it up on the blog another time. If you live in Fairhope, you can see the video’s debut this coming Saturday, November 5th at the Fairhope Museum of History, after the annual Veteran’s Day Parade. The film will play on a loop from noon until 4pm. They’ll be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone and our new Mayor Elect, Karin Wilson will be on hand until 1pm to greet everyone.



img_3882I wanted to show you this beautiful presentation, which was the first course of an amazing five-course meal I had at the Chicago Supper Club at Wolf Bay Lodge in Foley several weeks ago, celebrating the kick-off of the wildly successful Festival of Flavor.


img_3881Here’s the entire menu for the night. Chef Ron Stone from Wolf Bay Lodge and Chef Brandon Thrash from Faulkner State outdid themselves.




And last, but certainly not least, if you are local, get your tickets now before they’re sold out to the Fairhope Film Festival! The Opening Night Party alone is going to be talked about for the next twelve months as the hottest place to be, so what are you waiting for?


Now, what have you been up to?



  • I’m so glad that you are feeling better and are out and about enjoying the many activities around town!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Party? Must — recover — must — go – on!!!

  • Your cookies are amazing looking…I am glad you had the energy to complete them after your hospital stay!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Oh, those old things? They only took a minute or two.
      (Hahahahaha! Actually, sitting down to decorate cookies is easy and relaxing!).

  • A few years ago we had never heard of Fairhope, AL. (Moved from Alabama in my early teens), but thanks to you & your blog for introducing us too it, we are now residents & loving everything about it. Thank You for helping me return to my Sweet Home Alabama!!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      How exciting! Welcome home!

  • What a hoot that play must be! Any way you can sometime later put a link up to the whole thing? I’d like to know more about your experimental city of Fairhope, and about Dr. Clara — love her — and the other characters.

    I just made a note to fix a Bloody Mary the next time I have grilled cheese sandwiches! But there’s no way I’ll every produce a cookie as pretty as yours, Leslie Anne. Is there anything you can’t do??

    I’m so glad you’re feeling more energetic now because your busy and interesting life sounds like you’ll need it!


    • Leslie Anne says:

      Aw, thanks Dewena. The play really is a hoot, but also very educational. One of our founders was the woman who invented modern the physical education class, and I never knew that until I watched the play last year. The actors stand in front of the graves of the person they’re portraying, and fortunately, most of them were buried in a row – so they just go right down the line telling their stories.

  • Your cookies are too pretty to eat! Glad you’re feeling better and back to being creative. Lately, I’ve been on a grilled cheese kick so I would’ve loved cook-off. Just found a new recipe to try: mayo + Gruyere + salami + dill pickles; layer on bread, butter the outside and grill. Mmmm!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I love pickles with a grilled cheese. Our secret recipe for the contest used diced up Wickles Pickles, and everyone loved that part, but I think our cheese/mayo/butter combo was too gooey. I’ll have to give your’s a try!

  • [Cookie Monster] Yummmmm!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You have to eat them fast!

      • I guess I will have to settle for a bag of Bud’s Best . . . for now!

  • Your week at the “spa” really rejuvenated you Leslie Anne! I don’t know how you squeezed in your episode between all those fun activities- and congrats on being the new Miss Lily White Flour! Your cookies are so adorable, and look like so much fun to make. A grilled cheese cook off sounds like incredible fun, especially with the bloody mary bar! Enjoy the festival, so glad to hear you’re doing so well 🙂

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It’s fun to have newfound energy! Come eat some cookies with me soon!

  • I have been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it! It is good to hear that you are well. And congratulations on your famous cookies!!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks for reading Kelli. I don’t know how famous they are, but they sure are tasty. I remember making these cookies while standing in a chair at the kitchen counter with my great-grandmother.

  • Sounds like I’m missing song all kinds of fun. I’ve got to get myself back down to that beautiful little town!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Come on down! There’s always something fun going on.

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