Blue and White Easter Eggs

April 10, 2017


Once upon a time, I was so crafty-artsy, Martha Stewart herself envied my construction paper collection. I had two little boys who got to paint, glue, draw, sculpt and roll around in papier-mačhé every single day. But then, I woke up one day, and no one wanted to color with me anymore. No one wanted to turn egg cartons into caterpillars or make tie-dye T-shirts. I put away my craft boxes (and boxes and boxes) and gave away bags of bijou buttons, baubles and bows  . . .  and just sat around and ate chocolate.

But then . . . I saw these eggs. These beautiful, interesting eggs, and I knew it was time to get crafty again.

I pulled out my Mod Podge, but look at the top . . . it was hardened and caked-over from not being used. I ended up using regular white glue and watering it down ever so slightly to make a thin glue-soup. I shook out the real eggs to leave only the shells, washed them, let them dry, and found beautiful paper napkins.

*Update - I've now been able to find realistic faux eggs sold in cartons, from realistic faux chickens, I guess. These work great as well. 

Separate the layers of your favorite paper napkins, and take just the top pretty layer and tear the edges to fit the middle section of the egg. - Cutting the napkins makes the edge too noticeable. Patchwork smaller pieces on each end. Stick it all down with the Modpodge or diluted glue. 

Ta-da! I’m a crafty sort of person again! Every year my son always asks, “Are you sure that foil wrapped rabbit isn’t chocolate?” I tell him the same thing, “If it were, do you think I’d just leave it sitting there?” 

I'll spray them with a clear-coat later to give them a little shine. 

Such a simple little craft to get eggs that will match your decor. And isn’t that all we really want in life — eggs that match the decor?

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