Betsy’s charismatic cottage

May 23, 2016



Betsy's cottage in Fairhope Alabama. - Leslie Anne TarabellaAfter years of fast-paced action raising two boys and operating a large real-estate office with her husband in South Florida, Betsy Adams settled into what has to be, one of the most charming cottages in Fairhope, Alabama.


Betsy's Fairhope cottage. - Leslie Anne TarabellaWhat started out as a plain, two bedroom house soon became a cozy home that’s just the right size. The transformation took time, but the vision was clear for Betsy since she has the talent and flair of having been an artist all of her life.


Betsy Adams in her Fairhope cottage.This is Betsy with one of her works in progress. The open living room has been arranged to allow plenty of space for painting.



Painting by Fairhope Alabama artist, Betsy Adams.Betsy painted this adorable portrait of her two sons years ago and of course, it has become a family treasure. I recognized the one on the left right away (not) as a friend who is now an attorney here in town with a beautiful wife and three little girls who often come to play at the cottage.

Betsy's Fairhope cottage. - Leslie Anne TarabellaSince space is limited in the diminutive home, furniture is required to do double duty as this small chest is pulled into use as an end table.


Betsy's Fairhope cottage. - Leslie Anne TarabellaBetsy’s soft painting style is in demand and although she mainly likes to paint for friends and family, she will occasionally take commissions. Even her work space is beautiful.


Betsy's Fairhope cottage. - Leslie Anne TarabellaAfter living in Fairhope for a few years, Betsy’s husband passed away, and although she has been surrounded by her family and new friends, she has also handled this new chapter in life by jumping in and helping others. A trained and regular volunteer with Stephen Ministries, Betsy uses her experiences to comfort those who are facing challenges of their own.


Betsy's Fairhope cottage. - Leslie Anne TarabellaWith adorable grandchildren, good friends, volunteer work and painting, it’s a wonder to see all the details Betsy has had time to create in the cottage. The child-sized picnic table in the top left is tucked beneath a fig tree and is the perfect spot for a special treat with little girls who visit their Grandma.


Betsy's Fairhope cottage. - Leslie Anne TarabellaThe hydrangeas in the backyard are just starting to bloom, and I’m sure were the inspiration for the painting above, which I think is one of my favorites — it’s hard to choose!



Betsy's Fairhope cottage. - Leslie Anne Tarabella

As my favorite brit-com character, Hyacinth Bucket would say, this is definitely a “completely charismatic cottage” full of peaceful elegance, all created by a charming lady who is a wonderful, artistic addition to Fairhope!


Betsy Adams teaches art to individuals or small groups. You can contact her for instruction or commission work at: 251-929-2396.

Click HERE to find out more about Stephen Ministries or locally, call 251-928-1148. 


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  1. Thanks so much Leslie Anne & especially for mentioning Stephen Ministry. That means so much to me. I unfortunately did not paint the portrait of the boys- a great friend, Margaret Aiken painted this and has 5 boys of her own. However did she have the time? Loved having you here…come any time.

    1. So sorry! You are so talented, I thought you were the artist of all the paintings! Love that a mom of 5 boys actually did it! I enjoyed our visit so much and hope to see you again soon! Thanks so much for sharing your house. I’m sure everyone will be inspired!

  2. Betsy is a great friend and artist. I have been privileged to know her since we’ve moved here and when I first saw her cottage, I exclaimed “Betsy, you are living in my house!” Love every inch of it.

  3. I love looking at photos of homes that belong to visually creative people. The words, “How did they think of that?” follow each pic. Using a bureau as an end table is genius. It can hold so much stuff. I also love how she uses the silver to store brushes. (Much more useful than mine stored away for no one to enjoy.) Thanks for sharing your home with us Betsy.

  4. Betsy, your cottage is wonderful…so you! I miss you in Mt. Dora, my friend. Your shop was the best this town has ever seen, and we had such great times antiquing! Congratulations on all your accomplishments!! Love you, Carolyn.

    1. I’m so happy one of Betsy’s long time friends got to see this! We love her and are keeping her here in Fairhope for ourselves!

  5. Betsy , I love your little cottage ! And I agree with Carolyn that your shop in mount Dora was such a special place 🙂 I miss you . Xo

  6. Leslie Anne, thanks for the tour of Betsy’s lovely cottage! I adore every single picture and vignette! What an amazing lady she must be! Pam @ Everyday Living

  7. I LOVE your new cottage! …We miss you dear friend! You are so talented! I sometimes wish we were back in Mt Dora painting signs in my basement but we all have moved on to a new chapter. Keep painting and making people smile?

  8. Yes Mt Dora misses you!!! And so do I. Betsy is a mentor and friend to many. She is the rare woman that always supports and uplifts those around her. So sweet to see her lovely cottage!!!!

    1. All of you nice people from Mt. Dora just need to come up to Fairhope for a visit so Betsy won’t leave us!

  9. I am going to have to step up my game and keep my brushes in silver tea pots! Charming cottage, she will love being with all the creative folks in Fairhope-

  10. What a sweet, and charming cottage! The peaceful retreat seems much larger in size! And her paintings are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it! 🙂 Rhonda

  11. Betsy is my cousin and I just saw the article about Betsy this morning (thanks to another cousin of ours). It is a wonderful article and presents Betsy’s home and style so well. Betsy is and has always been my best friend and the person I would most like t be like. She is such a beautiful human being both inside and out and, though I have always been blessed to know and admire her talent and personality, I am always pleased for others to have a chance to know about her. Thank you for sharing with everyone a glimpse of this gracious and gifted artist. She’s the real deal.

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