Back to Birmingham!

February 16, 2018



Its back to Birmingham for the second weekend in a row! What better place to be than in one of my favorite cities? It’s a BIG city to me, and I sound like a complete country mouse when I talk about the traffic there— although, I’ll have to say the drivers may be numerous, but they are very kind and forgiving when you don’t know your way around. (Opposite of Miami where I thought I was going to die trying to turn left).

I’ll be signing books at Barnes and Noble at The Summit at 11am Saturday, February 17th. If you are in the area, I’d love to meet you, and even if Santa already brought you a book, come on down to just visit for a while anyway. If you have friends in the area, please let them know because I’d love to see them there as well.

Last weekend, Bob and I dashed up to see our son Harrison who was the TV/Video producer and director of Samford University’s Step-Sing event. He arranged for his little brother Joe to sit in the production truck and actually put him to work running out to get extra video footage. They had a wonderful time and the show was a huge hit, raising lots of money for charity and being live-streamed to 23 countries. It’s stunning to see your child all grown up and doing such a good job with something he loves. Harrison is calm and encouraging and communicates well with his team. “Cut to camera 3 — great job. Now camera 2 get ready for overhead — that’s good. Back to wide . . . ” I don’t know how he stays so calm, but it all looked smooth and beautiful.


Here are my cutie Phi Mu girls who put on a great show. Different groups compete for the top award and most of the shows are ultra- creative and funny. 1,200 students participated in the show this year, which has been a tradition on the campus since 1951.


This is the outside of the media production truck that came straight from the Super Bowl. Harrison has had more hands-on experience here than students at much larger schools. And I must mention, USA Today named their Journalism program the #1 program in the state and top 10 in the South East. He’s ready for a job now, don’t you think? 

I’m off to finish packing my suitcase and will see you in Birmingham!



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