Amazing tablescapes for a good cause

August 16, 2016


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogWhat an honor it was to be the speaker at the Jubilee chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs,  “Tablescape — Simply Southern with a Touch of Class.”


Alice in Wonderland Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogThe Jubilee chapter of the club has hosted this fundraiser for the past three years and this year was a total sell-out! Members decorated tables with the most creative, beautiful themes you can imagine. This Alice in Wonderland table had me totally captivated, with adorable details at every place.


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogThe event was held in the church hall of Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church, and the ladies who attended looked as pretty and colorful as the tables. GFWC was founded in 1896 and has chapters around the world, but I doubt any of the other clubs have events as lovely as this.


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogThere was a silent auction with so many fabulous items. I bid on a beach weekend get-away, because you know I can’t get enough of the beach, but alas . . . I didn’t win. Maybe I can tag along with whoever did!


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogThis farm themed table was adorable and had a large windmill centerpiece you can see in one of the following photos. I loved the rustic touches with the fine china in a floral pattern. The proceeds from this event will go to help fund the club’s efforts to curb human trafficking and domestic violence.


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogI didn’t get a photo of the food served, because I dove into it the minute it was placed in front of me, and let me tell you, it tasted as good as it looked. A salad smorgasbord with pasta, fruit, pimento cheese, slaw and the best chicken salad ever was only topped by the chocolate mousse dessert. All the cooking was done by talented club member Lyn Stuart, who just happens to be a member of the Alabama Supreme Court. I’m telling you, this is one talented and well-rounded group of women!


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogI was seated at the Kentucky Derby table, and had I known, you know I would have worn a big hat!


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogLittle horses and red roses decorated the table, and this precious mint julep cup full of fragrant mint was at each place setting. These ladies thought of everything!


Jubilee GFWC Southern Tablescapes Luncheon, Leslie Anne Tarabella-blogI spoke about how volunteering can often lead to finding a new gift or passion in your life and how my volunteer experience of writing dreaded emails to volunteers who are usually less-than-happy to get more emails, turned into writing this blog, and ultimately my job with the newspaper.


See? You never know what fun new skill you’ll find if you only take the step to branch out and volunteer in your community! Thanks so much to the Jubilee GFWC for inviting me to their amazing luncheon. It was a wonderful memory to treasure.


For more information on this luncheon event for next year or joining the Jubilee GFWC, drop a note to: .



  • Fabulous tablescapes…I agree the Alice in Wonderland is amazing. Also love the little message on the mint. I declare you attend the most interesting events.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      There’s always fun to be found if you follow the ladies with the china!

  • Glad I’m not judging these tables because it would be hard to pick a favorite! Love the mint in julep cups…and Alice in Wonderland!

    Congratulations on being chosen as speaker. I’m sure the audience was captivated 🙂

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Rachel. If it had been a competition, it would have been a rare time when the, “everybody is a winner” label would actually be true!

  • Gorgeous tablescapes! Love every one of them and got some inspiration for a lunch that I am hosting next week. I would LOVE to hear you speak – I bet you are so entertaining. Have a great weekend, Leslie Anne.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Katie. Take pictures of your table and let us see!

  • The ladies really went all out decorating for the event! The attention to details is perfect! Hard to pick a favorite! 🙂 I would sure love to hear you speak! I’m sure it would be as entertaining and captivating as your writings! ~Rhonda

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Rhonda. The tables really were amazing, and I kept changing my mind which one I loved the most!

  • Hey, Little Bitty Pretty! Oh, I would have loved to have heard you speak to the ladies. I’m sure they loved you. That tables all look so pretty too Thank you for popping in to see me and I would love for you to pop in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Sheila. We’d have a good time I know!

  • This took me back to so many delicious ladies’ luncheons of the past, only the tables back then weren’t nearly as fabulous as these are. Lots of hard work went into them as well as imagination, not to mention that one woman did all the cooking! Kudos to the Jubilee chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs for their wonderful goal to help stop human trafficking and domestic violence!

    Print your speech for us sometime, Leslie Anne. Pretty please?

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Oh, I don’t have the speech printed, I just rolled with it. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime though.

      You are so right about the work that went into this event, but it’s the kind of work that was fun, since they all pitched in together. That’s what makes these groups so nice. You can help others while being with fun people!

  • Amazing tables!!!!! What a great event from the ladies and I’m sorry you didn’t win the getaway.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      That won’t keep me from the beach one bit! Thanks Emily.

  • I’m sure the ladies enjoyed your speech as much as you enjoyed those beautiful table decorations. A win win afternoon!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Patsy. I sure hope they liked it. I don’t get nervous, just excited, so I talk too fast!

  • What a fabulous luncheon, and how fun that you got to eat at those tables and not just look at them! I didn’t realize that was how you started blogging, how interesting! You just never know what doors can open…Thanks for sharing these amazing tables!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You would have loved how they presented the food. It was so beautiful.

  • You had me at tablescape…that would have been right up my alley! Sounds like a very worthwhile cause!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thought of you!

  • I always love a cute tablescape. Now, we need to hear that story too.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      All in time, my dear!

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