A video, an article and so forth . . .

July 9, 2015


First, the “so forth” . . .


Oops! If you signed up to receive email alerts when I post a new story, you may have accidentally been sent a rough draft of an incomplete post. “Save” and “Publish” look so much alike.


I’ve been writing this blog for three years (this week is exactly three!) and that’s only happened twice, or was it three times? Anyway, making a mistake once a year isn’t so bad, is it? Just consider it a little sneak peek of what is yet to come. So sorry!



And – if you’ve encountered ads on your sidebar that have played loud, obnoxious noise or music, please forgive. I’ve tried numerous times to eliminate these ads, and my wonderful advertising service is doing their best to rid the pesky noise from my blog, and I hope it’s gone soon. I can’t stand noisy ads!  And while we’re on the subject, the ads on your sidebar reflect what YOU are interested in. The creepy computer people know what you’ve been looking at and want to give you more, so if you have a questionable ad show up on my blog . . . it’s not me putting them there!

My own personal view of the blog only shows ads for kittens, rainbows and chocolate. Hehehe.

Okay, moving on . . .


An interesting PBS special, Web Junkie, will air next Monday and will discuss the internet’s effect on children in China.  One of my passions is keeping video and all screen time to a minimum for children, so I’m very interested in seeing it.

article-2072391-080221C9000005DC-473_468x298Here’s a great article from Jane E. Brody in the New York Times every parent and grandparent should read: HERE. I find it interesting the article quotes a grandfather who said he didn’t like that his grandchildren were riding in his car and playing games on their phones instead of talking to each other. Here’s a tip for Grandpa . . . TELL THEM TO PUT THE PHONES AWAY! Who’s in charge in his car anyway?

I just had to get that out.


Since my husband and I wouldn’t allow our children to play (many) video games, and never bought them PlayStations, they developed other interests. Both learned to play musical instruments and saved their own money to buy camera equipment and learned how to take beautiful photographs and make movies. It was the closest way they could get to the computer, with much more creativity involved!


Which leads to . . . here’s the latest video from my youngest who is 15. Make sure your volume is turned up. He used his darling Mother as the narrator, and I can tell you, I almost sprained my tongue trying to neutralize the South in my mouth.

(note to my Mother, click the bottom right corner, and it will make it really big, then click it again to make it go away!)

Thanks for watching, thanks for reading – especially those who have been with me for all three years, sorry for the mistakes, and I’m glad all of you are still here!



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