A gift from a reader

October 18, 2020


Lois Lane the Beagle art by Frances Schuleit. leslieannetarabella.com

Isn’t this beautiful?

I never really write about you, my readers, but lately, it’s been clear that I have a great support network out there. I’ll give you just one example for now . . .

Lois Lane the Beagle art by Frances Schuleit. leslieannetarabella.com

This beautiful drawing of my precious beagle, Lois Lane arrived during Hurricane Sally. A reader I’ve never met nor even spoken with before, contacted me and said she’d like to draw a portrait of Lois. Frances Schuleit lives in Florida and specializes in house and pet portraits.

Frances modeled the drawing on a photo I took of Lois the last month she was alive, so it was of “old granny Lois” which was a very sweet and gentle time.

Lois Lane the Beagle  leslieannetarabella.com

When I slid the portrait out of the envelope, I just gasped. It was so beautiful and I could almost feel her soft, fuzzy little face. The detail was incredible and I choked up, not only because I missed my little dog, but because it was the perfect example of people in this world being so very nice.

I write a lot about sharing your gift with others, and that’s exactly what Frances did. She knew my heart was heavy and has enjoyed my stories over the years, so she decided to share her gift with me. I’m overjoyed by her generosity of time and talent.

In this stressful year of 2020, isn’t it wonderful to find people who are still acting out of love and kindness? I thank Frances and all of you for your kind words of encouragement and loyal following.

Lois Lane the Beagle aleslieannetarabella.com

I have exciting things ahead and will be calling on all of you for help in the next few weeks, so thanks in advance, and stay tuned! (It has nothing to do with a dog!).

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