8 Ways to Help an Author

October 17, 2023


If you have a friend who is an author and want to help them — I think you are a very nice person. It’s always good to support those who are musicians, artists, dancers and dreamers. We keep the world from being so serious all the time. Reality can be rough, so to support a storyteller who gives you a moment of joy is a lovely thing - thank you very much. 

It’s not just the “small book” authors who need and appreciate help. Even the "big guys" love it when you spread the word about their books. So here are a few ways you can help us keep the stories coming. 

1.First of all, the obvious way to support them is to buy the book, but that’s not always necessary. There are also other ways to assist.

2. The very best way to help these days is to leave a review for the book on Amazon or other reading/book sites you use. A kind word goes a long way. The robots online often use reviews to rank the books.

The more reviews the better (and positivity goes a long way). When I see a review from someone I know, it warms my heart, but when I read a review from a stranger, it is so kind it brings a misty tear to my eye! Rumor has it that you need at least 50 reviews on Amazon to make a bump in your listing. (thank you . . . HERE). 

3. The next way to support your local author is to show up at their events. Book launch parties and signings are always more fun with a big crowd. But  . . . don’t monopolize all of their time by standing in front of their table when others are walking by who are in need of a greeting from the author. I’m not shy and always say hello to everyone passing by and invite them to learn more about my book, but when friends show up 

and want to chat for a really long time, I see potential sales and readers passing in front of my eyes (but I still love 'ya).

4. Share-share-share. Repost Facebook notices and blog posts you see. Spreading the word is essential It’s one of my favorite things friends do for me. 

This photo is from last year's "Taste of Lower Alabama" at Piggly Wiggly - which is the biggest and best party of the year in Fairhope. It was also my best book signing of the year! This year's party is November 2nd - hope to see you there! 

5. Recommend the book as a book club choice or request it at your library

6. The same goes for bookstores. “Excuse me, but do you have the book by Leslie Anne Tarabella? I just love it and want to send my friends in here to see it.” And then really send them in so you aren’t a fibber. 

7. Create your own social media post showing the book. Did you spot it in a display at a store? Snap a picture and share the news! 

8. Recommend the author as a speaker for events with your group or for your sister’s group in Atlanta or for your 4th cousin's group in Nashville. Some authors don’t like to speak but those of us who do, love it and appreciate the kind word. 

Thank you to everyone who has shared information and left reviews for Bringing Christmas Home. It has been updated this year and is even more suitable for young children – to adult readers. 

I can't thank you enough for your help- especially those of you who have been encouraging me from many years ago when I first started writing for the local newspaper. It's been an adventure I couldn't have experienced without my kind readers. 

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