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March 19, 2021


Garden District Books in New Orleans - Leslie Anne Tarabella Author

I made a quick dash over to New Orleans to visit The Garden District Book Shop. Any excuse to go to New Orleans is great, but a visit to this well-known book loving shop was incredible.

I’m so happy they will be carrying “Exploding Hushpuppies, More Stories from Home.”

New Orleans Garden District Books - Leslie Anne Tarabella signing Exploding Hushpuppies.

I’ve been to The Garden District Book Shop many times as a shopper, but this was the first time as a real-life bona fide author! The shop is in the beautiful Garden District, so I rode the St. Charles Streetcar out that way and walked a couple of blocks to the store.

They carry a great selection of books, with many of the authors being from the Gulf Coast area. Of course, I saw a large collection of one of New Orleans’ favorite authors, Anne Rice.

Still using safe social distancing practices, TGDBS hosts many online events. You can view them on their YouTube page.
I had to pick up one of their T-shirts with signatures of famous authors, and told the manager, Amy Loewy, “I think I’ll get a red Sharpie and add my name to this shirt.” She laughed and said, “I’m sure it won’t be the first time someone has done that!”

New Orleans Garden District Books - Leslie Anne Tarabella signing Exploding Hushpuppies.

I wasn’t joking. Right next to Pat Conroy, baby! Dream big – someone, somewhere once said.

The Garden District Book Shop’s children’s area is beautiful.

New Orleans was quieter than usual, but throughout the day, pockets of activity would pop up here and there. Magazine Street had most stores open, and the French Quarter was also 95% open (at least it seemed like it to me). Restaurants were open, but we found most had a limited menu. Boo-hoo, we only got to chose from 10 mouth-watering entrees instead of 14!

When I returned home, I found my local bookstore had sold out of my first book, “The Majorettes are Back in Town” so I happily ran over to sign a few more for them.

The business owners were so gracious and happy to see people returning to the city. It really is a great time to go, before the crowds and heat return.

New Orleans Garden District Books - Leslie Anne Tarabella signing Exploding Hushpuppies.

For all my readers in New Orleans, and for those of you traveling that way, be sure to stop in Garden District Book Shop and pick up a few good things – like Exploding Hushpuppies! Thanks!

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  1. I love that you added your name to the t-shirt, they need to get those reprinted with your name! How fun to pop over to NOLA, I’m so glad things are picking up. Congrats on your sales~

  2. I just can’t wait to be back in New Orleans!! The Garden District Book Shop will definitely be on my “to do” list. Thanks for introducing me to it. Sounds delightful! Just like you! Someone smart (son, husband?) made sure to include those cute shoes in your picture. ??? A photojournalist once told me to trade feet for faces. Not always. ?❤️

    1. You’ll love New Orleans now while the crowds are low and the temperatures are too! The photo was snapped by Page and Palette staff and yes, the shoes are fun and comfortable as well! Stay tuned next week for a full story about NOLA.

  3. I love that you added your name. I think it is a big deal they are carrying your book. Congratulations! Lindsay and I were just talking about needing to get back over there for a fun day before the new baby comes. I am so ready to get out again.

  4. Still waiting on you come to South Carolina. ? Congratulations on how well Exploding Hushpuppies is doing! I miss great bookstores! I miss cute shoes and eating out…anywhere. Just had my 2nd vaccine, so I am ready to rock n roll!!

    1. Good going. The world will be a different – much better and familiar place again soon, I hope! Send me the name of your local bookstore. I love South Carolina!

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