Zooming with Fannie Flagg

December 29, 2020


Happy New Year!

. . . the link to the Zoom event is at the bottom of the post!

I mentioned on social media back in November that I was going to be moderating a ZOOM chat between my favorite author/actress/gameshow host, Fannie Flagg and the Fab Five of FictionMary Kay Andrews, Kristin Harmel, Kristy Woodson Harvey, Patti Callahan Henry and Mary Alice Monroe. (Read more about each author HERE). They make up the incredible Friends and Fiction group you can follow on podcasts and other social media outlets.

Is that a loaded boat of literary greatness, or what?

Here’s how it happened . . . (I know you are shaking with excited curiosity!).

I was at the dentist with a mouth full of novocaine. (repairing a sprained mouth from too much smiling) I may have ended up drooling a bit and having slurred speech. I was stumbling to my car and thought, “I’m done for the day. I’m going home and sprawling on the davenport — my staff can take over from here.”

Suddenly, my phone lit up with a text from Mary Kay Andrews asking if I’d be game to step in at the last minute and help fill in for a sick friend and host the live Zoom event THAT NIGHT with Fannie Flagg. It was in conjunction with my favorite bookstore, Page and Palette in Fairhope, AL.

I mumbled, “Ommeegddnsss-yessss – drool, drool.”

I raced home and filled my mouth with ice cubes and did lip buzzing exercises until it was time for the “show” that night. I know it was only on the computer, but it seemed like these talented, dynamic women were all right there in my living room. I don’t know about them, but I had the best time ever!

I had met and interviewed Fannie Flagg a few times before and still think talking to her is like visiting with your favorite Aunt. She puts everyone at ease, and the other authors couldn’t have been nicer. Before the event began, they graciously welcomed me, and I couldn’t believe my bookshelves were coming to life!

I was told I could open by introducing myself and my new book — but when this version was posted, my part was completely cut out. (!*#!) — that’s life, things happen — but it picks up soon after where I introduced everyone else for about 5 minutes, then they take it from there, and I ended with a few questions and saying goodnight to everyone. It was great fun and you’ll love hearing from all of these talented writers.

In this interview, Fannie shares several writing secrets like stringing up her story ideas on a clothesline in her office. — I’m so visual, I can totally understand her thought process and see a clothesline coming to my office soon! She’s very open about her career and the creative process. It’s really fascinating to hear her behind-the-scene stories.

You can tell these authors are pros at this Zoom thing because they look gorgeous, and I look like I was hit by a pale-ale-powder-ghost truck on the way home from Blandsville. Why did I even bother with lipstick if it wasn’t going to show up? (but I did have on perfume). Hoping my enthusiasm shines more than my nose.

Be sure to check out the Friends in Fiction Facebook Page and keep up with all of these great authors. They have big things coming this year.

And thanks for supporting this pale numb – lipped author. I love my readers! Exploding Hushpuppies is doing great, thanks to all of you helping me spread the word! If you received the book for Christmas, be sure to post a photo with the hashtag #explodinghushpuppies

Grab a cup of coffee and click the link below to watch the lively chat . . .

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