Young and Sophisticated in Decatur, Georgia

April 15, 2014


Earlier this year, my amazing photographer husband, had a meeting in Decatur, Georgia, and took these photos to show me how the city has changed since I last visited – oh, about 20 years ago.

I remember spending a festive, yet sophisticated Independence Day in Decatur
just before we were married.

Festive, because there were fireworks.
Sophisticated, because we were with college friends who had all
recently graduated, and we all had “real” jobs.

We were grown ups, and it was fun.
I had driven up from Tallahassee where I was teaching summer school, earning extra summer money on top of my regular lucrative teacher pay.

Here’s the Decatur Courthouse, so stately and beautiful.
As grown ups, we appreciated its seriousness.

The wide sidewalks that allow for seating areas make the downtown area friendly and inviting. This area has undergone a great transformation and revival in the past few years.

And this sign, ” New Years Resolution: DRINK BETTER COFFEE”
I don’t even think I was a coffee drinker the last time I was in Decatur.
I wasn’t THAT grown up!

The multi-colored sign marks the MARTA station —Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.
I was a small town girl and terrified of public transportation. Don’t laugh. The first time I rode MARTA to a Brave’s game in a crushing crowd, I nearly got my arm cut off in the automatic sliding door of the train. Maybe that had nothing to do with being from a small town, but everything to do with being accident prone.

Decatur has many delicious restaurants, and is a walkable area.
Like Fairhope. Only in Georgia.

Look how my #1 photographer lined up the tree in this photo.
I said, “I love it.”
He said, “I knew you would.”
Now I want to go back to Decatur, Georgia.
And try to be young and sophisticated again . . .
knowing that “young” and “sophisticated” are both highly subjective.
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