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October 23, 2020


Updated: Hot Chocolate Author’s Chat!

This Tuesday – December 1, 2020 we’ll meet for an informal time of talking about writing and books while we sip Hot Chocolate! You’ll find us at Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope at 5pm, so come join the fun and lively conversation!

And earlier events . . .

Exploding Hushpuppies book launch party invitation. Leslie Anne Tarabella, author - Fairhope, AL 2020

The book is in production as I type this, and if all goes well, will be ready in a few weeks!

I don’t think there’s ever been a worse time to release a book! But, here’s how you can help . . .

First of all, just by reading my blog and stories on you have become a friend of mine. We may have never met in person, but I value your time in reading and sharing my stories. God has led me down this surprising path of writing for a reason — (somedays I think it’s to torture me), but I get such lovely feedback from all of you, I keep going and it makes me so very happy!

Recording Exploding Hushpuppies - Leslie Anne Tarabella author. Sound of Birmingham Recording Studio.
Recording the audio version of Exploding Hushpuppies in Birmingham earlier this week.Over 25,500 words. I’m a talker, but WOW! This even wore me out, but I had so much fun!

Please don’t ever think I’m pressuring any of you to buy a book. Since you’ve been reading many of the stories here on the blog, you can help by leaving feedback on Amazon (when the book is listed). This will be a HUGE favor, since the world runs by Amazon reviews these days. Attending one of my signing events is a big-big favor even if you don’t purchase a thing. I love meeting all of you and appreciate your effort to be there.

NOW . . .

For the fun. You are all invited to these events to launch Exploding Hushpuppies — More Stories from Home.

Exploding Hushpuppies - by Leslie Anne Tarabella

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 – Bill-E’s 19992 Hwy 181 in Fairhope. Launch Party!!! This is an outdoor fresh-air event. Restaurant owner William Stitt will be cooking HUSHPUPPIES for all of us. You can also order off the menu. It begins at 6pm and I’ll speak for a few minutes around 6:45 or so. Page and Palette will have plenty of books on hand to sign (just in time for Christmas – sorry, I had to throw that in!).

Sunday November 22, 2020 1:00pm-5:00pm — Fairhope’s Downtown Christmas Open House. Come shop the beautiful downtown area for holiday goodies, and I’ll be at Page and Palette Bookstore signing books there. Lots of music, Christmas cheer and store specials throughout downtown.

Friday, November 27th 3:00pm – 6:00pm – come and go, outdoor/indoor fresh air event at Old Smyrna Firehouse in Smyrna, GA. This is my brother’s house and I’ve written before how he uses it for special events (how convenient for a sister with a book!) Come see his fun artistic house and grab a book or two or three. This is the day after Thanksgiving, so some of you may be visiting the Atlanta area and I’d love to see you!

Robert will attempt to fry our Dad’s recipe for hushpuppies, so that should be great fun. I’ll give more details later, but if you put “Old Smyrna Firehouse” into your GPS, it will take you right there. There’s plenty of parking across the street or in the church parking lot around the corner.

Old Smyrna Firehouse - Book signing November 27, 2020 Leslie Anne Tarabella - Exploding Hushpuppies
Old Smyrna Firehouse – photo by Jen Spiegel

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 – 5:00pm — “Author Chat” and signing at Page and Palette Bookstore. If you have specific questions or know a budding writer who would like to talk “shop” come on down to the bookstore, and we’ll have a good time. There may be hot chocolate involved! More details to follow.

I’m working on a few Birmingham and Huntsville dates, so I’ll keep you posted. If you know of a bookstore or event that is allowing visitors and groups, let me know (remember, I have antibodies!). Follow my writing Facebook page HERE for up-to-date info. And keep up with happenings by following me on Instagram.

Thank you!

  • Bev Doten says:

    How exciting for you and your devoted fans (me included)! I will definitely try my best to be there on Nov 10th. Sounds like my husband will enjoy the evening also, seeing that hush puppies are involved, lol!?

    • Oh wonderful! Hushpuppies and perhaps a few boiled peanuts as well! Can’t wait to see you.

  • If it were not for this blasted pandemic I’d grab a friend and we’d road trip from Texas for the launch party and the hush puppies! Instead, I’ll buy a copy for that friend for Christmas. Looking forward to reading all the stories. I actually have an exploding biscuit story myself and I think of it every time I see the title of your book.

  • If you come to Nashville to Parnassus I will be brave and leave home with a mask and come see you! I can’t wait to read it, still have your first one out in my office, fun to dip into again every so often. I know the circumstances are harder this time but I feel like the Best Public Relations Agent in the World has his hand on this book and it will bless people right now, when we need it.

  • Rosanne Gulisano says:

    Best of luck, LAT. This round of signings sounds like a whole lot of fun! Will see you at one of them for sure.

  • I bet the audio version is fantastic, can’t wait!! And Good Luck!!

    • Well, you know I could make an entire story about reading the story! It was intimidating and my publisher wanted to hire an actress who could “do” a Southern accent, but I just couldn’t allow that kind of nonsense. It was either do it myself or hand it over to them. Let’s just say my version is REAL. For better or worse. Glad you are a friend and will be forgiving! Thanks Jenna.

      • janeinbama says:

        Fake Southern accents – ugh. Good for you standing your ground!!

  • So excited for you!!! I’ve already told Santa to put it on my list…and I’ve been a very good girl this year (like I could get into mischief during a pandemic!).

  • savan wilson says:

    Can’t wait! Will buy book and also audio version just to hear your reading it! Proud of you for getting this done amid Covid. Can you just show up for the Lunch Party? I sure plan to be there with friends in tow!

    • Yes! By all means, just show up! I can’t wait to see you and give you a distant pretend hug for all of your great support and encouragement!

  • Can I buy a few signed copies?

    • Of course. I wish I had a signing in your area. They’ll be available on Amazon and through the publisher. Not sure if those will be signed, but we’ll work it out some way. – thanks!

  • Thanks for putting the dates together in one place for easy reference! This is an excellent opportunity for people to get out and have fun while munching on hushpuppies! A winning combination!

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