Winter Came to Fairhope, Alabama

January 8, 2014


When Winter came to Fairhope, we were surprised.
Rarely do we get to see icicles.
The town was split by those who stayed indoors, avoiding the bitter temperatures and those who ventured outdoors to see real, live, breathing, in – the – flesh icicles and puddles turned to glassy white.
School was cancelled in Fairhope due to temperatures mostly in the 20’s.
And what did the children appropriately say?


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  1. My daughter and I ventured out the other day to Gene’s Beans, but not for ice cream. She had hot cocoa and I had hot coffee. I asked them if they had made many ice cream sales and they said that they had only a few, that it was real quiet because everyone was staying indoors. I’ve seen plenty of snow and ice while living in PA so it’s nothing new to me, but I have to admit, the photos of the frozen fountain are pretty cool! They say it will be warmer this weekend, but alas, they’re also predicting rain. 🙁

  2. LOL- Oh- it is cold all over- We are still MINUS 15 as of this morning—not counting wind chill. Our schools are all closed! Great pictures- xo Diana

  3. Great photos, Hope! B’ham has been verrrrry chilly and I can’t wait to get back to our fair city where I understand it’s warmer, even if only a few degrees, than here. Busted pipes in our building (not us) and fire alarms going off due to sprinkler system failures has demanded I linger longer than expected. I’m with Rachel, ready for my flip flops.

  4. I hate ice, but I have to say these shots are gorgeous.

    Once upon a time, my mother was in the hospital in the middle of a freak ice storm, the only one I can ever even remember, and I can remember sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital with my sister, my mother’s youngest cousin, and his wife who was like a character out of a novel. She said something rather shocking, and I looked just past her head to see the ice hanging a foot long from the eaves of the building. My thoughts kept turning to Woody Allen and also to the Theatre of the Absurd. 😉



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