Winter Beach Photos

March 1, 2013


Gulf Shores Alabama is on the south end of Baldwin County and about a 30 minute to an hour drive from Fairhope, depending on how fast you drive, how many tourists are on the road, and how long you stop to shop at the Outlet Mall.
 The locals know that winter is one of the best times to stroll along the Gulf. (And please don’t call it an Ocean. It’s the GULF of Mexico) Parking is easy, no frisbees hitting you in the head, and no sunburned tourists screaming “SHARK! SHARK! Oh wait, it’s just a dolphin. – DOLPHIN! DOLPHIN!!!”

And for all my wonderful readers who don’t live in this area, yes,
our sand really is this white.
That’s why when I see your photographs of snow, I automatically think it’s sand!
Lifeguard station #2.
All’s calm for now.
Just give it a few months.

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